Monday, May 7, 2012

Giving it a try

I thought we would try for the first letting Matthew use a spoon to feed himself.  I knew it was going to be messy, to say the least.  I just wanted to see how he would do, and I needed to relax about the thought of the mess it could make.  But two kids getting messy at meal time 3x's a day isn't fun to clean up after.  We gave him some Greek yogurt to eat (it's nice and thick).  I held the yogurt container and Matthew took the spoon.  I showed him a few times how to bring the spoon to his mouth and he just took off the the idea. 

Big boy taking a spoonful.  He enjoyed having the spoon for himself.

Maybe not the complete correct way, but he was catching was getting to his mouth.  Pretty good for his first time.

I think more of it might of ended up under his chin and on his bib.

"What else can I pick up with my spoon?"

Got a picture of Katers, too!  She'll get her chance with a spoon, but not yet.  One messy kid at a time. ;)

I let him hold the container once it was empty. 

I think he could be in an advertisement for Chobani yogurt! Look at that smile!

I think I found his favorite flavor of Greek yogurt, Pineapple.  Got to lick out every last bite!

Another one of Miss Katherine

I think his first time using a spoon was a success.  I'm not planning on having him use one all of the time, but thought I would start to introduce more often in the upcoming weeks. 

Since this guy got so messy, it was bath time!  We've been having Kate and Matt take one together.  Fun for them, and easier for Mommy and Daddy.  Both kids love their baths.  They would stay in there all night if they could.  What they don't like is the after part - getting dried off and lotioned up.  It's a bit of a struggle at times.

Some how while we were getting stuff ready for their bath, Matthew found a bottle of Listerine mouthwash.  Like I said, Matthew has to find some kind of object to carry a long with him and bring to bed and now to bath time.  The kids were fighting over it in the tub, so I found a little bottle of Scope so they'd each have one.


Why have bath toys when have Listerine!

You make us laugh, kiddos!

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