Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Playing Around

Playing around with Dad and Grandpa Willms when we were back in Iowa over the twin's baptism weekend.

Matthew gets so happy when you stand him up.

Hey lil' buddy!

My boys!

Me and my twin.  I love Matthew's expression with his chipmunk cheeks!

Grandpa Willms and Katherine - cute picture!

Proud to be an American Pose...I think?

Yay, Fords!  Showing Matthew how awesome Grandpa Dufel's ford vehicles are!

We thought it would be fun to put the twins on my dad's motorcycle.  Matthew gets to drive Kate around. 

Enjoying her time with her silly dad and grandpa!


  1. The motorcycle picture cracks me up...and yes Matthew's cheeks are ADORABLE! :) Miss you so much! I'm being super selfish...but, will you and Kev and the babes move to the QC? Maybe Josh could get Kev a job at Deloitte???!

  2. We would have so much fun being stay at home mommies together in the same town! I'm sure Kevin will go for a move to the QC if you line him up with a job! :) I could be a secretary for the business too as my side job and life out one of my fantasy jobs.