Monday, October 3, 2011


Just think,
your baby boy and girl are here not by chance,
but by God's choosing.
God has allowed them to be here
at this time in history
to fulfill His special purpose
for this generation.

-Roy Lessin

On Sunday, September 25th we had Katherine and Matthew baptized.  We choose to do this back at my hometown church, Fredsville Lutheran Church.  The verse above was on one of Kate and Matt's gift sacks from that day.  I am posting it because I feel it sums up the feelings I was feeling that day.  As Pastor Lisa walked the twins arm in arm down the isle showing the twins to the congregation, the emotion hit me.  These two precious gifts from God were the two babies we had been waiting and praying for back when we started the journey to be parents almost 3 years ago.  Katherine and Matthew we not here by chance, but part of God's plans to be the children in our 'new' family.  It was an amazing experience seeing Matthew and Katherine being baptized now into the Lord's family.  We've come along way from those days I first entered the hospital on bed rest in December.  The scare of thinking we were going to lose them, and Kevin and I having to think about doing a baptism in the hospital in case they were born too early.  And there I was, now standing in my hometown church watching these healthy, 6 month old babies being baptized. 

The church service was wonderful.  Pastor Lisa did a great job with the service and Kate and Matt were amazing!  They were all smiles for their baptism.  The senior choir sang special music, 'Borning Cry' for the baptism.  My mom is in the church choir and wanted to sing that particular song for the twins.  Plus, the bell choir played which was special because I was in the bell choir for 10 years.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate this joyous occasion with our families and church families.  After church, we had people come over to my parent's house for a luncheon. 

Pastor Lisa walking with the twins at the beginning of the service.

Kevin and I along with the twins' sponsors - Michael, Kelly, and Jenny. 

A picture with the sponsors.

Dad, Mom, and Aunt Jenny

The Grandparents

Pastor Lisa

Kevin's family

All of the Great Grandparents - Jim and Ilene Bernhardt and Virginia Willms

The banner hung in church for their baptism.

Grandma Joyce and Katherine all smiles

Kate with Grandma Joyce and Great Grandma Ilene

I think the twins love their grandmas - look at their big smiles!

The dress Kate wore was the dress my mom was baptized in and then I also wore it for my baptism.  I was glad we could continue this tradition.  The shoes Kate wore were from my friend Krista and Matt and they have her name and birth date printed on the bottom.

Thanks cousin Lizzie and Ryan for making it to church! We were so glad to have you there!  We hope to see you again soon.

Uncle Michael and Matthew

Thank you Suzie for the beautiful cake you made.  You did an awesome job decorating it and it was delicious.

Trying our best to get a picture of the cake with the twins. 

Not happy at mom at the moment.  I was trying to get a picture of her in the dress.  I guess I waited too close to nap time.

My mom and Carlene or my second mom growing up!

Natalie and her family were home visiting and were able to come celebrate with us.  I miss you sis and we hope all is well with your transition out east. 

Matthew reading his new books he got to his Great Aunt Cherri.

My bff from elementary/high school was also back in town visiting and came for the baptism.  It was so good to see you - thanks so much for coming!

We think Matt might have his "first crush" on you!  He literally sat there staring at Casey for a long time not moving an inch.

Great Uncle Bill and Great Aunt Jan with Katherine.

Making Miss Katers giggle

Thanks again to all of our family and friends for sharing in on this special day for our twins. 

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