Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Army Crawling and Baby Gates

C.R.A.W.L.I.N.G.! Yup, Matthew has been crawling up a storm this past week.  He went from getting up on all fours, to army crawling, to taking some steps in the crawling position in just a couple of weeks.  Kevin and I commented on how our little boy's world has completely changed in one week.  Our's too for that matter. Since learning how to crawl, more so army crawl, he has accomplished:
* climbing into his bouncy seat
* pulling himself up onto his knees
* empty toys from their bins
* can go from being on all fours into the sitting up position
* pick up a paci laying on the floor in his path and put it in his mouth

*And the biggest learned skill, the one which has changed our lives, is being able to climb up the step out of our living room into the dinning room!

We thought we had some time before this little busy body would figure how to make it up the step in our living room.  I figured I would have time to be able to contain him in just the living room when it was just me home with him all day.  Guess we thought completely wrong about the curiosity and determination of a new crawler. So, Kevin and I knew we needed to go and get a baby gate for the basement steps ASAP!  Matthew learned how to climb up the steps on Saturday and we had a baby gate installed on Sunday.  Now the baby proofing at the Willms' household has officially begun.  No more putting it off!

Here are some pictures of Matthew trying to figure out crawling and his new tricks.

I do a great job sitting up all by myself now.

Early on trying to get up on my hands.

In the beginning I moved my legs back and forth, but I didn't quite know what to do with my hands or head. 

I can knock tackle over my toy tub.

Up on all fours.

Did I just climb in here all by myself?  Not sure how I'm going to get down.

I can even go for toys under my exersaucer.

Helping Mommy turn the pages in the storybook.

Look What I Can Do Step by Step...

Working my way up the step...

Half way up there now...

I made it! (Yes, He was playing with my Skor candy bar wrapper and carried it up the step with him.)

Good thing we got the gate!

More fun under the exersaucer!  Such a silly boy.  He is pretty good at getting himself out from under there, though.

"Hi there."

Kate's not crawling yet, but she's definitely having her own milestone moments, too.  She's been rolling over to her stomach more often and staying there for a longer period of time...slowly starting to like her tummy more.  She can hold her own bottle and feed herself!  This is especially awesome for Mommy!  And the two biggest things she loves right now is bouncing in the exersaucer and talking or cooing!  She has discovered the new sounds she can make and will make a sound over and over again like she's saying a sentence.  She might have the gift of gab from her father okay....mother. ;)

Kate's doing great at sitting up on her own, too!  She loves to sit up and play with toys around her.

I can hold my own bottle.  Now I don't even need a blanket to help prop the bottle. 

Both doing great at holding their food feeders.

Such a sweetie!

Enjoying some tummy time with my matching twin.

The twins are starting to play together more now that they are active.  It's funny to see the other grab a toy out of the other's hand.  Matthew's also notorious for taking Kate's paci out of her mouth and putting it in his.  So if you see Matthew in a picture with a pink paci you'll know why.

Today I was trying to take some pictures of the two of them in their matching outfits, and I realized Matthew has a hard time with personal space.  Poor Kate.

Don't mind my finger in your ear, Kate.

"Hey, sis watcha doin?"

Don't mind me if I just lean up close to you.

And finally a good one!

We can't believe how fast you're learning new things.  It seems like everyday you amaze us with something new you can do.  Can't believe you're going to be 8 months old tomorrow!


  1. yeah for boys and their adventures! We totally still live in a 'gated community' ;) so fun to watch them grow!!!!

  2. LOVE the pics of the two of them together! They grow SO FAST! PS your new blog background is really cute!