Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apple Orchards & UNI Panther Fans!

Grandma and Grandpa Willms came up to visit the four of us two weekends ago.  On Saturday we all decided to head to an apple orchard and pumpkin farm here in the cities.  It was a very beautiful, warm (80's) fall day.  Perfect for an apple orchard, as everyone else thought so too!  It was very packed and if you know my husband...not a fan of crowds or warm temperatures.  But Kevin was a good trouper putting up with this mommy who thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to their very first apple orchard at 7 months.

First we took the hike up to the pumpkin patch so I could get some pictures of the kids.  I wanted to get them each a pumpkin, but we didn't really have a good way to carry it around for the day.  Kevin said I should just go and get a pumpkin at the grocery store or not at all since the kids can't carve pumpkins yet.  (sound like my husband?) 

Both kids were really into feeling the hay around them.

Love Matthew in his baseball cap!

Grandma Joyce and Katherine

We did get some yummy apple treats, which is the best part, at the orchard: Honey crisp Apples, carmel dip, apple pie, apple fritters, and apple doughnuts.

We look forward to next year when the kids will be 18/19 months and can do more of the activities at the orchard.  We also decided it would be a good idea next year to go during the week to avoid the busy crowds.

I hope this is the first of many apple orchard trips in the future.  Thanks grandma and grandpa for going with us!

It was UNI's homecoming that weekend, so we had to get the twins in their UNI gear to show their team spirit for Aunt Jenny who was playing volleyball on Friday.   She got them these outfits when they were born.

Future Lil' Panthers!

Love this little ruffle tushy!

Watch out for that Gator chomp...she'll strike whenever! :)

Grandpa and Matthew

The four of us hope to get to a volleyball game to watch Aunt Jenny when we are back over Thanksgiving.  Go Panthers!

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  1. Love their outfits!! Kenna had the same outfit and it is just too cute!!! Let us know when/if you make it back!!