Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Dog at 70 days

Well, I am now the "top dog" of the Antapartal Unit.  Another patient and myself were admitted here on the exact same day 70 days ago today.  We both were the patients that had been here the longest.  Yesterday she delivered.  Now I have been here for the most days.  I can't believe it! 

Monday we made it to 33 weeks!  I can't believe March is only a week away.  A week away from being 34 weeks!  Today we had another BPP ultrasound.  The twins looked great!  The ultrasound tec kept commenting on how these babies move....Yup, I could tell you that! :)  The highlight from the appointment was getting to see baby girl open and close her eyes.  So cool!

33 weeks picture.  I am wearing the same shirt from our last photo shoot.  I have a limited amount of clothing that fits and that is washed these days.  As you can see my belly has gotten very big - the size of a full term belly. 

Now that my belly has gotten bigger it is much harder to get comfortable.  It's hard for me to sit up because I have some baby feet lodging their way in my lungs.  It's hard to get comfortable in bed either laying down or trying to get out of bed.  I feel those ligaments stretching a lot more lately.  I guess my stomach is trying to make more room for these growing babies.  

Some of my Third Grade students made this Valentine's Day decoration for my door. 

What's left of our chain!  The last link is marked 33 weeks and 6 days.  For some reason I had Lindsay and Jenny stop there when making my chain.  I didn't want it to look that long so it wouldn't be too overwhelming.  But at the very beginning it was!

The Wall of Achievements.  These are all of the big milestones achieved while being here in the hospital for 70 days.

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  1. you look great! I was that big with one child! congrats on making it another week :)