Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 and 31 Weeks

I am a little behind on my blogging this past two weeks.  Last week we had some long, rough nights with many contractions.  It definitely gave Kevin and I a scare that I was starting labor.  Needless to say I was very tired from being up most of the night and didn't enjoy being on extra medications.  But here I am making it yet another week!

30 WEEKS! 
On Monday, January 31st, I made it to the big 3-0! 

I actually got to remove a link from my chain!  For those who know when you remove a link we have a tradition.  You must do a celebration dance.  This was started by my husband.  I didn't get too crazy with a dance.  Didn't want to start labor getting jiggy-with-it!

Hello big tummy!

The last weekend in January my parents came up to visit and get some work done for us.  I really wanted to get our spare bedroom painted.  I wanted the room put together because I know once the babies arrive we are going to have a lot of visitors.  My parents were the only takers on my painting project.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you mom and dad!!!  I haven't seen it yet in person, but Kevin took a picture of it and it looks great!  I am going to have so many new changes at my house by the time I get home...whenever that might be. ;) 

My parents and me - Love You and thanks for all of your help and hard work.  I know dad...just add it all onto my bill.

My mom enjoying the game, Double Shutter.  This game has been a hit for visitors.  It is very hard to win.  So far only Aunt Mary has been a Double Shutter Champion.

Comfortable Kev? 

More Visitors!
My two co-workers, Heather (and her son Blake) and Jennifer, came to visit me during the day.   I love day visitors since that is the time that seems to drag on most for me.  Heather made a "hot dish" for all of us for lunch and Jennifer brought cupcakes to celebrate Heather's birthday.  Blake, Heather's son, loves to come to the hospital to hear the babies on the monitors.  This visit he even got to feel the babies moving in my tummy.  It was so cute to see his reaction and his face light up.  He also likes to color me pictures and then hang them on my wall. 

Jennifer, Heather, Blake, and me
Thanks for being fun visitors and also making me laugh!

31 Weeks!
Yesterday I made it to 31 weeks!  Only one more week until 32 weeks or 8 months!  Kevin and I really want the babies to make it to that next milestone.

At this point in a pregnancy with twins you are typically measuring around 37 or 38 weeks gestation with a singleton.  I don't even know how much more my uterus is going to be able to grow.  It's amazing how the babies find room. 

Wheelchair rides.  Starting this past week I received "wheelchair privileges".  I can take a 10 to 20 minute ride around the hospital.  My highlight so far was being able to go outside and get a big breath of fresh air.  I know it's cold outside, but that refreshing air felt so good in my lungs.  I hadn't been outside or really even seen outside at that point for 50 days!  It's just nice to get out of my room and see some different scenery.

Bye, Bye January.  Hello February! 

When first coming in on bed rest I really wanted to make it to see the month of February.  That goal seemed so far away at the time.  A goal I really didn't think I was going to achieve for our babies.  It felt AMAZING to cross off that last day in January and begin February.  I can't say I really want to think about going into March yet.  Another month of bed rest sounds hard at this point.  I am starting to hit my wall - mentally and physically.  I am taking it all one day at a time through February.  As I look at my December and January calendars and see all of the days completed, it's a great feeling to see how far I have come.  I am now on the downhill slope, and the days of meeting our little ones could quickly approach us. 

Next Monday - Valentine's Day - we will have another growth ultrasound.  It will be fun to see how big they are now.  I am praying the little man is still head down or "vertex" as the doctors call it.  During the ultrasound we will also have a test done on the babies called the BBP.  This rates their lungs and breathing for their gestational age.  I also will have my cervix checked.  This time just by the doctor to see if I have dilated anymore since I was checked 2 weeks ago. 

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