Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Camera and Adventures

This weekend we finally got a new camera.  I had received the okay from my husband to get a new camera.  I kept putting it off not knowing which kind I wanted to get.  I knew I wanted to have a new one before the babies arrive and well....that day is could be here soon.  So I sent Kevin on a shopping mission for the Canon camera I had picked out.  So this weekend I have been playing around with it taking lots of pictures.  This isn't unusual though, I love taking pictures so a good camera is important to me.

Kevin with one of our favorite nurses, Julie

 Phyllis - she's a fun nurse and has shown me her tap dancing skills while doing the required "victory dance" after removing a link on our chain.

New Adventures!
I also got to go on some new trips at the hospital.  Sounds exciting huh?!  Well for this girl who has been "living" here for the past 60 days it's a real treat.  First, I actually got to walk out of my hospital room to the nurses station for the first time.  This is a sight I had only seen being wheeled in a bed or wheelchair.  Actually it's was my first time ever walking out of my room!

We took a picture together outside of my room.  

Also, I went outside for my wheelchair ride.  It was 30 some degrees and I wanted to feel what that felt like again.  This time I documented my trip outside.

Can't wait for when I get to walk outside myself and not be wheeled!

Saturday night we also had our friends Mark and Allison visit us.  It was fun to have people over at night on the weekend.  We had a great night playing games which brought us back to our childhood days - Old Maid and Crazy 8's. 

Allison, Mark, myself, and Kevin

I volunteered Mark to remove the link for the night since he had experienced the excitement before. :)

And you can't forget the victory dance!

A Walk Down Memory Lane......
 This is what my chain looked like back at the beginning of January and.....

now this is what it looks like as of Feb. 12.  I feel very proud of my accomplishment for our future family!


  1. :) Awesome weekend! Glad you got a new camera!

  2. Great pics Laura!! Nice to see you outside. I bet the next time you get to walk outside will be after those babies are here :)) You have done AWESOME doing this and hanging in there and overcoming so much. I am SOOOO proud of you and Kevin.