Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - Babies you're 32 weeks!

Yay!!!!!  I couldn't be more excited for Valentine's Day to be here!  Not so much because of the holiday, but more that today the babies are 32 weeks along.  This was the ultimate, long term goal Kevin and I had for our twins.  I remember the doctors telling me how good it would be to get to 32 weeks.  I checked my calendar and saw 32 weeks exactly put us at Valentine's Day.  I really didn't think I was going to make it to February.  That was two months away!  If I was able to meet this goal, I really wanted to do something fun to celebrate.  I wanted to paint my stomach with a heart.  Well, it is Valentine's Day so I got to have the fun photo shoot I was wanting.

We also had a growth ultrasound for the babies today.  The last time we had an ultrasound was at 28 weeks and the babies measured at 2 lbs. 9 oz.  Today, a month later, the babies were measuring a little over 4 lbs! Their weight put them in the 56th percentile again.  Kevin was able to go to the appointment with me.  I am glad we're able to experience these moments together because who knows if we will get another chance for an ultrasound.

I also had my cervix checked again by the doctor.  We learned I am now dilated to a 4 and pretty much 100% effaced (meaning the length of my cervix is now gone).  Because of these results the doctor decided not to send me home.  So here I stay with my nurse friends.  I feel comfortable with staying at the hospital at this point with labor coming at anytime.  I was afraid of going home and being home alone and going into labor.  Kevin and I feel comfortable with whatever happens now. They both seem to be healthy, active babies. Like the doctors day, "The days after 32 weeks are like icing on the cake."  We'll pray for more days but are putting it in God's hands.   

Kevin and I didn't get to celebrate Valentine's Day going out to eat or making supper at home together.  Instead we got to do something just as exciting....remove the 32 link from our chain!  Together we celebrated this miracle we have accomplished for our baby girl and baby boy. 

Last year at this time...

We were in California celebrating Valentine's Day.  Crazy to think how much has changed in a year.  Then it was just the two of us making up our family.  Now soon we will be adding two more to "The Willms" family.  Our lives will be changed forever!

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  1. Awesome to have made it this far!! One of the best Valentine presents a mother/father-to-be could ask for, 32 weeks:)