Tuesday, February 26, 2013


These two silly toddlers are going to be TWO tomorrow!!!  What?!  Our babies are growing up!
Yup, 2 Mom!

Goofy Girl

Yummmm, Delicious! (her new favorite word!)
Notice all of Matthew's stickers on his shirt?  The twins got stickers from Gma and Gpa Willms for Valentine's Day.  These are where Matthew decided he wanted to put them.  A few also were put on sister and on mommy, too!  Thanks Matthew for decorating us. :)

Smiling big like I had asked him to. :)

Matthew's favorite thing to do with the play kitchen.  Playing in the cabnets!

"Close the door, Mom."


Where'd he go?

Peek a Boo!
I can't believe another year has almost passed and we are going to be entering
the crazy, busy world of twos (x's 2!). 

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