Friday, February 1, 2013

A Fun Friday Night

*** Post includes two videos!! ***

These are our typical Friday nights while Kevin is in busy season.
* Kevin calls me on his way home asking where he should stop and pick up supper-to-go for us.  No judging on our healthy eating habits! :)  It's the easiest and most convenient option for us right now with a busy work schedule and two little ones.
of course this little guy has his dippin' sauce!  sweet n' sour is a new favorite of his for nuggets.

open wide to stuff that fry!
* Time for clean up!  Cleaning up can't done without some "help" from Kate and Matt!
They love helping to try and load the dishwasher.  Except they end up taking out dishes as fast as I am putting them in there.

Both love to play with the silverware the most.

"I think this plate needs to go here instead, Mom!"

"Close it!"  I guess I say that a lot to them because now I hear Kate say this every time she shuts it.
* Time to play with Daddy!  Usually the kids will go back and forth between playing with Daddy and then coming back to the kitchen to get in my way "help out".
Must have tickle time!
Check out the video.  Daddy taught Kate to say "Get Me!" so then he'll start ticking her and then "stop".  She will repeat this over and over again because she loves to be tickled!  Love her little voice saying, "get me!"!
* Daddy jungle gym
(Kate has her PJ pants on from spilling on her leggings at supper)

Look at me!


And the twins love to chase after the Nerf darts to bring back to us to reload.

Matthew likes to point to where he wants us to shoot the dart.
(I'm sure he doesn't have pants on because he A.) also got food on them or B.) he didn't want to sit still long enough after a diaper change to put them back on)

Doing great at taking turns.
* I guess Matthew needed a little dessert later on.  Whole grain crackers dipped in strawberry applesauce.

Thinking pose

"You, should have some Mom."
* Read some books

* Have a dance party in the kitchen to 'The ABC's'
Caught it on video:
The kids do have great moves!!! Lol! 
* Off to bed!  We enjoy Friday nights because Daddy is home earlier so we can spend time with just the four of us.  Love these Friday nights and wouldn't change a thing!  Soaking up all of the memories I can before these two little ones grow up and think hanging out with friends is way cooler than Mom and Dad. :)

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