Sunday, February 10, 2013

Piggy Banks

This past week, the twins have loved playing with their piggy banks.  Using Daddy's spare change, I showed the twins how to do it and since then that's all they've wanted to do! 
Daddy started with a mug full of change and now has barely any left.  Kate and Matthew say thanks for sharing and contributing to their piggy bank fund. 

Both took turns putting coins in both banks.

Dumping out all of the coins from Daddy's mug!

Being Silly!  Probably trying to do a handstand because of her excitement for having a now full piggy bank!

I guess if we need any money we'll have to go borrow from some from Mr. and Miss Money Bags!

But I don't know if Matthew is going to share.  He carried both piggy banks from his bedroom all the way into the living room.  And then manage to lift both banks up onto the chair and sat 'at guard' by them while he watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Oh, boy! ;)

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