Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Fun!

Finally, Kevin and I were able to take the kids for the first time to play in the snow.  We've been wanting to do this all winter but with Kevin's crazy, busy season work schedule and this freezing, cold MN weather we've had hasn't made finding a time easy. 
Yesterday, it snowed in the morning, but by the afternoon it was a perfect winter wonderland.  The temps were right around 30 degrees, so we bundled up the twins and headed outside!
Had a little difficulties getting his boots on.  Matthew got mad at all of our tugging and...

did his normal cry and then collapse.  After letting him be...

he decided he was excited to go outside!  Loved him in his bib overall snow pants.
Daddy and Matthew headed outside while I got Kate ready for the snow.  She kept asking and crying for Daddy the whole time while I was bundling her up.  She could see him and Matthew outside and wanted to be with them, too.

Daddy started a snowman for the kids.  The first snowman made by our family in our yard. 
Matthew enjoyed picking up snow and packing it onto the snowman.

Working hard
The snow was perfect for making snowmen and snowballs.

I think Kate said while waving, "Hi, Mama" and "Hi, Daddy" about a hundred times while we were out playing.

Loved watching them walk in the snow with their short, little legs stuffed in big snowpants.  Kevin thought Matthew looked like "Ralphie" from the movie, A Christmas Story.

Probably looking back saying, "Hi Daddy!"

We decided to bring Kate inside because her gloves weren't too thick and we didn't want her hands getting too cold.  Daddy took Matthew to 'help' him shovel the drive-way.
We have a small shovel we keep in our car that worked perfect for our little guy.
How cute is he??   Putting some muscle behind that shovel! 

Helping Daddy

Matthew did actually manage to move or shovel some snow with his little shovel.

Love this picture of my boys!  Matt helping Daddy like a big boy makes me smile!
Just as we expected, the time ended in a few tears.  Matthew didn't want to go inside and give up his shovel.  Knew Kate and Matthew would have so much fun!
The four of us had a great time playing in the snow.  Being out in the snow making snowmen and throwing snowballs really brings out the kid in one again.  Plus, it just felt good to be out in the fresh air, too.  Hopefully we can find another nice, winter day to take the twins out again! 
Shout Out!!  Today is Grandpa Willms' birthday! 
We want to wish him a very, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thanks for being a fun, loving Grandpa!  We hope it's been a great day!
We all love you very much!

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