Monday, October 15, 2012

Matthew's 1st Haircut

After talking between the two of us for awhile, we decided it was time to tame Mr. Matthew's long, crazy, stick-out every which way hair.  So on Saturday (10/13), I took Matt to a kids' hair salon to get his first official haircut.  {I guess that means our little boy is growing up!}

Daddy had some work he needed to do, so he stayed at home with Kate.  It was a nice Mommy and son outing.  Kevin and I always enjoy when we can get some one on one time with just Kate or Matthew.

I tried to get a pre-haircut picture of Matthew at the salon.  It's hard to really see how much long hair was sticking straight up on the top of his head.  I had to act fast because Matthew didn't like sitting in the chair strapped in.  He definitely was scared of what was happening.  I tried his blankey and paci but neither were really doing the trick long term.  I felt bad because I knew he just wanted me to pick him up.

Before haircut - feel bad for my little guy being so scared

Let the haircut begin...

Trying to be brave

Looking sharp sporting the new do!  Hair gel and all. :)

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