Monday, October 22, 2012

ECFE Toddler Class

The twins attend two ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) classes each week, Music and Incredible Years.  I blogged previously about our Music class.  The twins love going to this class and singing and playing with different instruments. 
Incredible Years is the other class the twins go to every Friday.  This class is great!  I love it because it's set up similar to a preschool type schedule of activities: large motor room (with slides, cars, balls, etc), circle time where we sing songs, weekly themed centers, snack, and arts and crafts. 
Then each class, us parents, get to meet for 20-30 minutes outside of the room with a Parent Educator.  We follow a parenting curriculum on the many different stages of toddler hood.  It's been a great way to meet such a wonderful group of ladies (and some daddies, too!) and sit and discuss, ask questions, talk about any concerns we have, or just plain sit and have an adult conversation.
The first two classes, the twins were scared at the arrival of class.  Kate clung close to me for most of the class time.  But as we have been going weekly, almost for 2 months, both K and M are no longer apprehensive when we enter the room.  Matt darts right out of the stroller towards the toys in the room - especially for the kitchen set.  Kate likes to still walk with me into the room until she find the "item" that catches her eye.  I've been so proud of them for how much they became so brave and more independent through these classes. 
And these last two class times, no tears from our kids while the mommies and daddies leave the room for the Parent Ed class!!!  Such a relief for me, too!  I don't have to be in group time worrying about the kids being upset.  It makes this mommy soooo proud to hear from the teachers that Kate and Matthew didn't cry while I was gone!  I know I'm only gone for a short amount of time, really, but it's long for them who stay with me all day.  Makes me feel good they aren't afraid to leave my side and feel comfortable with their teachers.
These pictures are from a class in September.  The day's theme was apples.
Gluing apple cut-outs onto a tree

Apple puzzle!

Ms. Dorene is an awesome aide in both our ECFE classes!

Playing with our new friends at the sensory table.

more apple puzzles for Mr. Puzzle Man.  Matthew loves puzzles!

Yay!  Painting at the easel!

So careful to just paint inside the apple.  He really enjoys painting.  I think we need to get an easel!

Nice painting buddy.

Back at the sensory table.  Kate's favorite class activity.

Oh, the kitchen set.!  Great Christmas idea.

Couldn't be more happier opening and closing the cub board doors.
I'm so happy I signed the twins up for these classes.  Its been great for them and great for me to meet some awesome, new friends.  Also, when Kevin had vacation at the end of September, he had the chance to go to class with us.  So great to have him see the kids interact with other kids and to see what they're learning.  Plus, I loved having the extra hands of help with the kids!!! :)

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