Monday, August 27, 2012

18 Months

Happy half birthday, Kate and Matthew!  Wow!  Can't believe today they turn one and a half years old! 
The 17 month blog post of the twins will come in two parts.  This morning will just be their 17 month pictures.  Then tonight I'm hoping to add the new skills and things they've been up too!
These pictures were taken by our friend Kirsta (Lindgren).  Her husband, daughter, and her where up here to visit in July.  She was awesome and took some pictures of the twins for me.  We had a great time hanging out with the Lindgren family...and the twins loved their daughter, McKenna!
Dear Kate,
We absolutely love your silly, easy going personality!  Your deep belly laughs are the best sound.  We especially love it when you make yourself laugh.  I guess what you're telling us is pretty funny!  You are a little teaser and love it when we tease you back.  We have been so proud of you starting to say more and more words this past month.  My favorite is when you heard me say "No!" to your brother and you started to chime in in the background copying me with your own 'no' to him.  You also love to sing.  You pick up on the tune of songs very quickly and try and make sounds like the words we sing.  The sweet sound of your singing voice melts my heart.  You love books and we love reading them to you.  We thank God for blessing us with such a sweet, cuddly, funny little daughter!
Love, Mom
Dear Matthew,
You are all boy!  There is no doubt about it.  You are a little monkey and you amaze us with how you can manage to climb up the things you do!  You don't miss a beat, watching and observing everything we do.  It amazes us how much you seem to understand what we tell you or direct you to do.  We can give you directions and you will most of the time do it.  You love to play in closets, open and close doors, turn on light switches, and push buttons.  Always curious to see how things work.  My favorite part of the day is being able to snuggle with you in the morning.  You definitely are a little lover and a great brother who's always trying to 'help' Kate either by getting her a paci, blanket, or sippy cup.  So cute to watch, even though Katers might not always enjoy it.  This past month you've been getting around the house by riding on your fire truck.  You push yourself all around and can steer it everywhere!  You have the biggest smile on your face as you wheel around the house!  We thank God for blessing us with a busy, smiley, happy little boy!
Love, Mom

And a few black and white


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