Sunday, August 5, 2012

Perfect Sunday

Perfect definitely is a great adjective to describe today's weather!  I forgot out wonderful upper 70 degree weather felt.  It was nice for once to turn off the AC - something that hasn't happened in a very long time - and open up the windows.  Love, love the smell of fresh air in the house!  There is something great about the smell of the outside air, the breeze blowing in, and the sounds of the crickets chirping.

Today was such a perfect day to actually play outside.  The four of us decided to enjoy the day by going to a local park in our neighbor for the twins to play and then have a picnic lunch.  So we loaded up our picnic gear, some toys, and got subs at Jimmy Johns along our way. 

We found a new park in town we thought we would try.  It ended up being a perfect park to pick.  It had great equipment for the ages of our kids.  The twins loved it there and were on the go the whole time. 

I think Matt was in 'slide heaven'.   He started on the small slide that was just his size.  He would climb up the structure, go down the slide (head first or feet first), and continue his way back to the steps to climb up again.  The kid was just going in circles.  Then he spotted the larger piece of equipment with the big winding slide.  Bye, Bye little slide!  Matthew was moving up!  He would climb up the bigger equipment and head right to the big slide.  We had to keep a close eye on him so he didn't go down the slide himself.  He was close many times because he didn't want to be patient and wait for us to get ourselves situated at the top.  One time going down, I just got barely got to the top in time to just grab onto his arm as he had started to whiz down the slide on his own. The other people we had met at the park said Matthew had the biggest smile on his face the whole way down each time he went.  He was also rockin' crazy static hair from it, too!

Look at him go!  Kevin and I said it would be great to have this piece of equipment in our backyard!

The kid wore us out!  Kevin and I had to take turns being on "Operation Matthew Watch" chasing him all around the park and on the equipment. :)

So Happy!!!

Like I mentioned...crazy, static hair!

Going down the big kid slide.

Katers also loved the park.  Her favorite part were the swings!  She'd stay there all day if you'd let her.  She did like going down some of the slides but didn't need to keep going over and over again like her brother.  She did let a lady there we didn't know catch her at the bottom of the slide.  No stranger danger for her.  Besides the swings, she loved being Miss Hamball with the people at the park.  She was all smiles as she walked around showing off her silly, cheezers personality.  Everybody got a kick out her...our little social butterfly!

Kate's crazy hair blowing in the wind.

Going down with Daddy!

Big Smiles going down

It was fun to have a picnic at the park.  The kids sat nicely and ate their food so we could actually eat, too!  The Teddy Grahams were a big hit with K & M!

Wanted to carry the Teddy Grahams around with her

Of course, we had to bring monkey blanket to the park with us. :)

The day was definitely a perfect one!  The kids were so happy playing.  It was fun to watch them explore their world and become more independent kiddos.  I enjoyed having some quality time with just the four of us.  Plus, it was fun to meet new people at the park who also have kids around the twins' age. 

Thanks for the great day, family!

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