Friday, June 10, 2011

Seeing Great Faces and Fun Places

Yesterday, the twins, my friend Lindsay, and I had a great day venturing out of the house.  Our first trip was to the hospital unit where I stayed on bed rest.  My home away from home. :)  I wanted to visit with my nurse friends and show them Katherine and Matthew. 

Nurses Julie and Maureen - two awesome ladies I had as my regular nurses.  If they were working they were usually my nurses!  I enjoyed our wonderful talks.  Many times I would ask, "Julie, I'm bored...can you play a game with me?  Oh wait, I forgot, you have to work."  Or I loved it when Maureen would take her break and eat her lunch or supper in my room.  It was so nice to have conversation during a meal.

Connie - she was a blast.  We had a lot of fun laughing while she was trying to monitor Baby A's and B's heartbeats.  Laughing only makes it harder for her to monitor.  For some reason the twins loved to move around when it was her turn to monitor.  Baby boy, or "Flash Special Forces" as we called him, was always hiding or wiggling away. 

Julie, Krista, and Sue - another great group of nurses who helped make my stay a fun one. Krista was in charge of weighing me every week. The dreaded weigh in Monday!

I had so much fun visiting my friends. These ladies are an amazing group of women and nurses. The staff at United really helped to make my long stay as wonderful and positive as possible. Every day I looked forward to our conversations and joking around. We had some great times!! Kevin and I would agree we couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to care for me and the babies. I miss seeing you ladies everyday, but I definitely don't miss lying in bed. I liked seeing the nurses as visitor in regular clothes who could walk around. :)

Next the four of us went to the Mall of America because I had some items to exchange and shop for.  I decided not to bring my double stroller and rent a cart/stroller at MOA.  Big Mistake!  Caring in the car seats from the parking ramp to guest services and back was quite the haul.  Next time the stroller will be a much easier task. 

Little Miss Kate the shopping Diva!

Mr. Matt shopping with the ladies. What a lucky guy!
Mommy and Lindsay might of had too much fun.

We stopped for lunch at the food court and feed Kate and Matt.  We're getting pretty good feeding babies where ever.

Lindsay and Kate

 Mommy and Matty

Shopping with these ladies wears me out!

Finding good deals can really tire a shopper out!

Literally the twins have "shopped to you drop!"  Such sleeping babies!


  1. GREAT post. I LOVE the pics of the babies with their sunglasses! :) Miss you guys!

  2. I bet you were ALL exhausted at the end of the day! So cute, thanks for sharing!