Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Many Faces of Matthew

This morning I tried to take some pictures of Matthew, but our little boy is quite the wiggler!  We have nicknamed him Mr. Wiggles because of this.  He is our mover, especially when he gets excited and the smiles start coming.  When he smiles his arms start going and legs start kicking!  Many of his pictures ended up with goofy Matt faces because he would move before I could quick snap his smiles.  The ones I got with a smile ended up blurry.  I guess you get what you can get when taking babies' pictures.

We love Matt's dimples.

I LOVE to move my arms around!

He has the biggest smiles and his whole face lights up.

Sticking out my tongue!

So excited!

I look like my sister, Kate, in this one!

What a little cutie! I'm asleep, Mom!


  1. LOVE your babies. I can't decide who he looks like. Either way, his smile is adorable!

  2. We think Matt looks like Kevin. I think as the twins have gotten a bit older they are starting to look more and more alike. They have a lot of the same facial expressions when smiling. Who do you think Kate looks like?