Monday, January 10, 2011

Made it to 27 weeks!

Happy Monday!  Today marks our change over day and we are now 27 weeks!!  It feels so good every time I see another Monday on my calendar.  

My growing belly!  Thought you might like a front view.  (P.S...go Hawks!)  The babies are probably getting close to 2 pounds at this many weeks along.  We will go this Friday for a growth ultrasound to check to see how much the babies have grown.  Also, the doctors check to make sure everything is still developing properly.  Can't wait to see the little munchkins!  I can definitely feel them kicking me all of the time - especially at night.

Kevin in his typical spot - laying on his cot next to my bed.

Kevin taking off a link on our chain.  Had to take a picture of this link.  Lindsay accidentally wrote 26 weeks 1 days!  Love ya Linds!

Onto week #2 of spending the days mostly by myself.  Kevin had to work this past Saturday which wasn't ideal but I manage to keep myself busy.  Mainly because of one thing: I got CABLE installed in my hospital room.  Now instead of watching only 6 main channels I get over 60 to choose from.  No more watching Maury.."You are NOT the father!" anymore!  Getting cable was the big highlight of my week.  As sad as that is. 

This weekend we did enjoy some company, too.  My friend Michelle came and brought me Olive Garden for supper.  She also came with some items to keep me busy.  She was also on bed rest this summer with her twins and had great advice to share.  On Sunday night our friends Mark and Allison came.  Us four played a new game they got us called, Bananagrams.  Mark won each time, but some of his words are still questionable. :)  Thanks for visiting and helping me pass the time!

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