Tuesday, January 18, 2011

28 Weeks Celebration and Updates

28 Weeks!!!  It was so amazing yesterday to look at my calendar and see we have made it to 28 weeks.  I remember looking at when 28 weeks was going to be when we first came to the hospital at 23 weeks 1 day.  I thought it seemed like an eternity until that first HUGE goal for the babies.  I felt scared I wouldn't be able to make it 5 weeks without delivering.  And now we have made it! 

Yesterday morning Kevin and I went for our ultrasound appointment to check my cervix.  Unfortunately it wasn't the news we were wanting to hear.  My cervix length has now shorten to .6 - which is something we were expecting would probably happen from the last time I was checked.  The doctor then decided to check to see if I was dilated yet.  I am now dilated to a 1 or a 2, my cervix is softening, and it is also midway to aligning.  This was the news that made both of us nervous.  Does this mean I could go into labor sometime this week or next?  What should we be expecting now?  Will the doctors try and stop labor if I were to begin to start?  All of these questions were running through my mind and Kevin's.  Both doctors we saw yesterday were both reassuring us they felt optimistic and I could make it still awhile longer.  Maybe even to 32 weeks (a month from now).  We felt comforted by that news.  Plus, Kevin and I kept telling ourselves we have made it to 28 weeks and if I were to go into labor now it would be so much better for the babies compared to when we came in at 23 weeks.  The doctors have decided to keep me here at the hospital for another 2 weeks and then re-evaluate then.  I was completely okay with that decision!

After returning from the appointment I was a little shaken up.  I was nervous and scared for our babies.  It's amazing how much Kevin and I love them right now without even meeting them.  How we would do anything for them and want to keep them safe.  I get nervous thinking about the unknown for them at this point.  But to my surprise, the nurses and hospital staff that I have been working with during this 36 day hospital stay came and threw us a party to help celebrate making it to 28 weeks.  I love these nurses and felt very special!  It definitely brightened up my spirits!

Two of my closest nurses who have been assigned to me a lot of the time.  They are great and taking care of me, chatting with me, and give me a good laugh. 

28 weeks/7 months belly shots.

My belly is still growing.  When we had our growth ultrasound on Friday, Jan. 14th, the babies were both measuring the same at 2 pounds 9 oz!  We were thrilled to hear their weights...Especially because twins seem to grow a little slower than one baby.  The twins' weight is at the 56th percentile for their gestational age.  Way to grow babies!!!  It's crazy to think I have a little over 5 pounds of baby in me at this point.

This weekend my sister, Kelly, and sister-in-law, Melissa, came up to visit for the long three day weekend.  They were great company and got a lot accomplished for me.  They went shopping and got more items for the twins that we needed before they were born, cleaned my house, cleaned out my fridge and freezer, and did laundry.  Wow!!!!  Thank you sisters!!  It was nice to have visitors for the weekend since Kevin is now busy working weekends.  I was sad to see them go and wished my family lived closer. 

Thank you and I love you two!

In the meantime I am trying not to focus on how scared I am that I have started to dilated.  I trust in the doctors and hope my contractions can stay under control.  I am thinking about how I CAN make it two more weeks!  30 weeks is my next goal.  Taking it one day at a time and a lot of praying!


  1. thanks for the update! way to go for 28 weeks! I remember I was dilated for 6 weeks before I went into labor, I know that our situations are a little different, but hopefully that makes you feel good! I will continue to pray for you and your babes ;)

  2. Yay! So happy that you made another week! :) You look great!

    Your nurses seem wonderful! My mom was in the hospital for 72 days before my twin sisters were born, and I remember how wonderful her nurses were during that stay. She still keeps in contact with a number of them!

    If we lived closer, I would stop by to spend time with you! :)