Monday, January 24, 2011

29 Weeks and Banan-o-rama

Yay...January 24th!  Today is 29 weeks!  Kevin and I couldn't be more thrilled to have reached another Monday.

My nurse Julie and me.  She is another one of my favorite day nurses.  She works 12 hour shifts for 7 days in a row so I get to spend a lot of time with her.  When being on bed rest day after day in the hospital it is nice to see a familiar face walk into my room every morning.  Plus, it's just nice to get the same nurses again and again because they know me best and the patterns of my "irritable uterus."

This past weekend I had a fun group of visitors.  Kevin's mom, grandma, and two aunts came up to help us out at home and to keep me company.  Between the four of them they did a lot of tasks for us at home: washed  baby clothing and bedding, Kevin's laundry, ironed Kevin's dress shirts, got the oil changed in our SUV, and ran errands for items we needed at home.  Busy ladies!!!  Kevin and I are so grateful to have all of this help and support from our family! 

While spending time in our hospital room or as Aunt Jan calls it my "dorm room" we kept ourselves busy playing the game, Bananagrams.  This game brought on A LOT of laughs!  Joyce pretty much kicked our butts every game, but we're not quite sure of some of the words she made.  She liked to use a lot of interjections and animal sounds - mew, oh, ka-pow.  And every time Joyce won, or thought she had won, she would excitedly yell out, "Banan-o-rama!"  You are suppose to say, "Banangrams."  :)  We also got to see a great impression by Aunt Mary of Stevie Wonder. 

Do you see a theme with this picture? 
Everyone is supporting their UNI apparel.  I see them all walk into my room on Saturday with their UNI shirts on and I was confused.  I was thinking does UNI have a basketball game or something today?  Nope.  Last weekend when Kelly and Melissa were up visiting they both were wearing Iowa shirts.  So the four ladies thought they would wear UNI to show their pride right back at Kelly and Melissa.  I just happened to have on a purple shirt, but they did bring me something to wear just in case.  Go Panthers! have been moving around a lot lately.  You especially seem to move the most while I am trying to fall asleep or for your evening monitoring.  This weekend grandma Joyce and great-grandma Ilene got to feel your little kicks for the first time.  I like feeling your active movements.  I can even feel body parts poking out!  It reassures me you're healthy and going to be fighters til the end. 

Thanks ladies for all of your help and entertainment! 
Love ya, Laura (A.KA. Ana Partal)

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  1. Love seeing each week come and go for you and Kevin! Love the UNI attire, how neat! Laura, I know you don't know me, but, my Grandma and Ilene are twin sisters, so that's our connection through Kevin. I am hoping to see more "weeks" posts and for a safe arrival and delivery for you and those babies. Sounds like you have some great support out there!