Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our day through pictures

Pictures from our day last Thursday from my cell phone.  The twins enjoyed A LOT of play time outside.  Happy the rain finally stopped so we could relocated our playing outdoors again.

Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kick balls, and a tricycle make one little boy and girl happy as a clam!  Hours and hours of outside entertainment!

We have already gone through several bottles of bubbles so far this 'summer'.  Mr. Independent wants to hold the bottle himself but doesn't realize you can't do all of the outdoor activities with it in your hand.

Taters favorite strawberry shoes/sandals she asks for every time we go outside.

Learning the alphabet with sidewalk chalk.  She's pointing at each letter with her stick.  She's knows over half of the alphabet now.

I drew a line of different shapes, all listed by Kate, and the twins had fun running and chasing each other up and down it.

"Are you coming, Matthew?"

Kate and her sticks.  She loves to pick up sticks in our yard.  Just like Daddy.  Doing yard work.

love my mini!

so many bubbles were blown by this little man

telling Mama the shapes

the way a lazy man blows bubbles ;)

Bath time!  Probably their favorite time of the day because bath time is usually Daddy's job.  Kate and Matt were giggling a lot at silly Daddy's made up bath time jingles and peek-a-boo behind the shower curtain.

Favorite bath toys - plastic cups, bowls, and watering cans. The simple things.

lil' monkey brushing his teeth

trying to brush her own hair after her bath

ladybug PJ's

Mama and her PJ's kiddos.  
And they were off to bed!

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