Thursday, July 26, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

On July 14th, Kevin and I became Warriors and completed the Warrior Dash (click on link to see the course) back in Iowa.  We did this crazy race with my family: Kelly, Brian, Jordan, and Tonya.

The race consisted of a 5k distance with 12 obstacles added in along the way.  Most of the race was ran through the woods up hills and trying to dodge rocks, tree stumps, and branches.

The three of us ladies wore hot pink and black tutus made by my mom.  Thanks Mom!  Warriors in tutus!  Sounds tough!  The guys wore team shirts from my brother-in-laws team from work. 

We were all pumped, and a little nervous, the morning of the race.  {I was hoping I was in good enough shape! Ha!}


Allie wanted a picture wearing her tutu, too!

The Warrior Gang - myself, Kevin, Kelly, Brian, Tonya, and Jordan

My dad and cousin Jordan with the twins.  My parents stayed at my sister's house and babysat while we did the race.  We thought this year was too hot and a busy, muddy place to bring the kids this year.

At the race getting ready for the fun to begin.

Warrior Sistas!

Pictures from during the race were taken by Tonya's mom and dad.  Tonya and I ended up finishing the race together.

This was the ending and so the spectators were able to see the last two obstacles: jumping over the fire and swimming through the mud under the barbed wire.

Getting ready to make the plunge into the muddy water!

In back - myself & In front - Tonya.  Look for our pink tutus.

I'm the one ducking and Tonya is just in front of me.  Trying to not let the muddy water near my mouth if I could help it.

Yay!  We just had crossed the finish line!

Kevin and Jordan finished before us.  Pretty muddy!

Had such an awesome time doing this experience with my family!

So excited to have completed the Warrior Dash!

Can you see those muscles?!
Look out Warrior Dash 2013....we're coming back!  Can't wait to think of next year's costumes!

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