Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swimming Lessons

This evening, the twins had their first child/parent swimming lesson class.  It was a perfect night for swimming. 

Kate was such a happy girl at lessons.  Our little fish!  She loved the water and was easy going with me as I was moving her back and forth from her back to tummy.  Her attempt at blowing bubbles in the water was more like she was trying to take a bite out of the water.  But she definitely was starting to not mind when water would get onto her face.  I think she had a smile on her face that lasted the who lesson!

Matthew, well, he was daddy's swimming partner...and we can say daddy wasn't having as easy time as mommy.  Matthew liked the water.  That wasn't the problem.  Instead of doing the things in the water that instructor said; he had his own agenda!  He wanted nothing to do with the organized activities.  He had his eye set on the playground area in the shallow end. 

Luckily for Matty, we got some free time at the end of the lesson to play around on the water equipment.  He didn't want to leave!  And either did Kate.  Both were having waaaay too much fun! 

First swim lesson ='s  a SUCCESS!

We took pictures before the lessons started.  Sorry I don't have any during their time in the water.  Too hard to take pictures since both of us have to be in the water with a kiddo.

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  1. Yay! Almost called you today to see how it went. Love Kate's swim suit! ;-)