Monday, June 11, 2012

Swim trunks and TuTus

I love swim suits on little kids!  They are adorable!  I love the surfer wet shirt on Matthew and the cute skirt and spaghetti strap suit on Kate.  I love summer and have been looking forward to spending it with Matt and Kate now that they are toddlers.  I am going to treasure all of the outdoor exploring, stroller walks, water fun, parks, and fun field trip adventures. 

This past weekend was definitely a hot, humid one!  Perfect chance to blow up the two kiddie pools I had bought at the end of summer last year.  The twins were pumped for their very own pool. :)  Okay, maybe Mommy was a bit more excited to splash around. 

Both Kate and Matt enjoyed the water.  Katers was a bit more adventures and dove right in and sat down in the pool.  Matthew was more into filling the plastic bowls and cups with water and then dumping it on himself.  Oh yeah, the rocks.  Every time we are outside he has to play in the rocks.  And of course, some rocks had to end up in the pool, too.  He enjoyed watching them make their splash landing as he chucked them into the pool.  This kid has an arm!

It's going to be an awesome summer with these two fish! :)

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