Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy weekends!

We've had a lot of visitors for the month of May and June.  We enjoy having our families visit us, and I know the twins especially love having the extra attention!

Memorial Day Weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Willms came to visit us for the long weekend.  One of the activities I wanted to do was take Kate and Matt to the MN Zoo for the first time.  That weekend was a hot one, so we decided Memorial Day's temperature looked the best for being outside.  This was a first MN Zoo adventure for all of us (I'm not going to count when I took my 3rd grade class a couple of years ago.  Not a sight-seeing trip for myself, ha!)

Here are some of the pictures from our trip.

Playing in the fun sprinklers!  Trying to stay cool.

Um, so I guess the guys planned on doing a "father/son matching zoo day"?!  Ha!

Another goofy face picture with Daddy.

Loved Matty in his backwards baseball cap.  This summer is a challenge to keep hats on.  Both kids take them off right away and both need the sun protection since they don't have much hair! ;)

Checking out the fish with Grandma.

Grandma Joyce and Miss Kate - who also decided to dress the same. ;)

Had to take some shots of him walking around the zoo. Can't get enough of him walking from behind, his walk is so cute!

All tuckered out.  Time for a nap!

He's a monkey climbing at the zoo, too!

I told Kevin to take my picture so there was evidence I was also at the zoo and this is the shot he took.  Afterwards he told me he didn't get Matt in that picture at all.  Really?!  I don't need a picture of just myself looking at the exhibits. :)

Take 2

Zoo family picture.

Had to get a picture of the twins!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking the trip to the zoo with us.  The twins were spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa who got them each a MN Zoo t-shirt! 

The next weekend we had Kevin's Aunt Jan and Uncle Bill come and visit Thursday-Sunday.  They came to the cities for their God-daughter's high school graduation party.  Jan and I enjoyed going for walks every morning with the twins or just the two of us.  While on their trip here, Jan and Bill wanted to take Kevin and I out for a nice supper.  Friday evening we had our friend Lindsay babysit so the four of us could go out to eat.  We enjoyed our evening out in downtown St. Paul.  I especially enjoyed my peaceful meal all to myself.  No sharing with little ones who are begging at my feet to sit on my lap and mooch.  We even were treated to wine and dessert!  Thanks Jan and Bill for a great weekend!  Oh yeah, and Jan, thanks for helping me organize and get rid of things in our basement!  And Bill, you did a great job babysitting Kate while we were on our cleaning mission!  Kate loved reading books with Bill!  (I'm bummed that I forgot to take any pictures of Jan and Bill with the twins!)

This past weekend, Mary, another one of Kevin's aunts, and a family friend, Heimy, came to visit.  It was a nice relaxing weekend!  We spent a lot of time outside playing and swimming in the backyard.

This weekend was also Father's Day weekend.  For Kevin's gift I surprised him with a game of golf.  Our friend Kelly and I made a tee time reservation at Troy Burne, a golf course in Hudson, WI, for our husbands.  Both Kevin and her husband, Matt, were surprised and excited to get to golf together.  Finally, a good gift I knew my husband would love!  So on Saturday afternoon, while the guys golfed, Kelly came over with their son, Joe, and joined in on our backyard pool party.  Us ladies and kiddos had a great evening, too!

Heimy works at NDSU so she gave Kate and Matt shirts for the 1st birthday.  We have to make sure our household is also showing Bison pride!  As a surprise, the twins wore their matching shirts for her!

Trying to get a shot with both kiddos and Great Aunt B

Playing around with Great Aunt Mary

Got to love that grin!!!

Mary showed up with a surprise gift from Great-Grandma Ilene...bouncy balls for outside!  Kate and Matt had a lot of fun with their new gift.  Now we can work on their kicking, throwing, and catching skills!

Miss Katherine

What'd you know...Matthew stole the ball away from Kate.  Nothing new.  Poor Katers!

Had to take some shots with Mary before she left on Sunday.  We had another great weekend!

Giving kisses...Muuuah!

Something must be funny.

Tried getting a family shot on Father's Day.
Matt wasn't happy here.

And tried to escape this picture.  Oh well, it makes it more interesting showing his busy personality!

Please let me know if you'd like to book a reservation at Hotel Willms.  We are happy to accommodate...for the right price. :)

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