Monday, June 4, 2012

15 Months and 14 Month Stats

Kate and Matthew turned 15 months on May 27th!  I took them last Wednesday, by myself, to the doctor for their 15 month appointment.  First off, I will never take them to a monthly check-up appointment by myself again if I can help it.  It was craziness!!  To top it off, the kids ended up getting two shots at this appointment which I had forgotten about.  At this age the kids are too busy for just me to try and coral and hold them both while trying to focus and answer the questions for the doctor.  Second, Kate and Matt are looking great - developing right on track.  I was a little worried with their verbal skills, but the doctor didn't seem concerned.  Kids this age only know on average of 3-6 words.  She's more concerned with the kids being able to comprehend what we are saying along with being able to communicate (verbal or non-verbally) what they want.  Check!  Both can let us know what they want by several different cues and can understand certain things we ask or tell them. 

These are their 15 month stats from their doctor's appointment:

Height: 31 3/4 inches - 85th %tile
Weight: 25 pounds - 80th %tile
Head: 19 1/2 cm - 97 %tile

Height: 31 1/2 inches - 60th %tile
Weight: 21 pounds - 7th %tile
Head: 18 1/2 cm - 45th %tile

Matthew continues to stay in the 7th %tile for weight.  He's such a little guy who's now wearing 12 month clothing all of the time.  The doctor tells us this is probably just going to be his body physique.

Here are the different things Kate and Matt have been up to or doing at 14 months:
(from April 27th-May 27th 2012)

Katherine Ilene:

* You learned how to steer you walking cart.  Now you can push it all over the house weaving around furniture and stopping and turning around when you get to the step down to the living room.  You aren't the best driver, but you can get around with it now.  But, your brother doesn't always allow you a lot of time to practice because he comes and steals it away when he sees you are playing with it.

* You started walking right at the end of 14 months!  You are still working on it and gaining more and more confidence at it everyday.  You still crawl but love to walk when you can!

* You started clapping and it's adorable.  We love to clap for you when you walk and you will join in and clap for yourself along with us.

* You've started throwing your food on the ground when you're done eating or when you don't like it. 

* For most of the month your favorite activity was holding our hands and walking around the house.

* You were sick Mother's Day weekend with high fevers.  Not sure what you were sick with.  Think maybe teething or a cold virus.

* Lindsay babysat you and Matthew while Mommy and Daddy went to the MN Twins baseball game for Mother's Day.

* You love the Mickey Mouse Club House T.V. show.  This is the only show we really let you watch.  You're favorite part of the show is the 'hot dog' dance at the end.  You've started rock your body like you're dancing to the music and jabber as if you're singing along.  Adorable!

* Grandma and Grandpa Dufel babysat you and Matthew while we went to Daddy's work Gala.

* You will give us kisses when we ask you.

* You can say two words: cheese and keys.  If we walk by the hook with the car keys you will point and say, "keys." 

* If you're not reading books then you're probably walking around the ottoman.  Now that's your favorite place to start walking from. 

* You started waving when we say "good-bye".

* Your new favorite food is grapes!  I just introduced them this month and you will gobble them up right away!  You still love Annie's Macaroni and Cheese, cheese, green beans, mandarin oranges, and strawberries the best.

* You on average take 2 naps a day, but sometimes if you have slept in in the morning you might take just an afternoon nap.

Matthew Edward:

* You love to be chased, especially by Daddy, all around the house.

* You still love to steal what your sister is playing with and her paci.

* You like to hand us objects/toys your are playing with like you're sharing.

* You got to try eating Greek yogurt with a spoon all by yourself.  Mommy held the yogurt for you while you dove into with the spoon.  It was very messy!  We had to give you a bath afterwards. 

* You've been having "conversations" with us.  We answer you and then you're respond back with a jibber jabber sounding sentence.  So cute - you think you're telling us something!  You especially talk during mealtimes. 

* Love wearing your shoes anytime you can.  You know when we are leaving or going to play outside when we put yourself on.  You will even go and get your shoes and bring them to us to put on as your way of telling us you want to play outside.

* You pat or rub our head along with Kate's, too!  We think you are imitating us when we rub your head and back.  Your way of showing us affection.

* You've been trying to climb out of your highchair when you're done eating.

* You continue to be a climber and managed (with supervision) to climb into your crimb from the rocking chair next to your crib.  It wasn't graceful, impressive though.  Daddy and I wanted to see if you could really do it, so we decided to let you try it when we first saw you wanting to attempt it.
* Teeth: 2 more bottom teeth came in.  You didn't sleep well while they were popping through.  You now have 8 teeth. 4 on the top and bottom.

* You had to go to the doctor because of an eczema skin patch on your back that got infected.  You were put on an oral med and a topical steroid cream.  You definitely have sensitive skin.  Mommy had to switch to fragrance free laundry detergent because you were breaking out with a skin irritant rash all over.

* You can throw a toy or ball in a forward motion.

* You love to put objects inside containers. 

* You don't have any words you officially can say yet, but we do know you are understanding what we say to you.  We tell to go get your blanket because it's time for bed and you will go and get it and motion for us to pick you up.  I also can ask if you want to eat breakfast/lunch etc and you will go to your high chair and point to show you want up there.  You do great at pointing at things you want or bring us something you want opened or taken apart.

* We got you the mega Lego blocks and you learned right away how to put them together.  You can stack three or more on top of each other by yourself.  Then you love to take the tower apart.

* Lindsay babysat you and Kate while Mommy and Daddy went to the MN Twins baseball game for Mother's Day.

* Grandma and Grandpa Dufel babysat you when we went to Daddy's work Gala.

* You on average take 2 naps a day, but sometimes if you have slept in in the morning you might take just an afternoon nap.  You still love to take some kind of toy or object with you to bed.

* You can tell you've been so proud of your sister learning how to walk.  You will clap for her and also try and hold her hand and walk with her like we do.  You can tell you're starting to want to play with her.

* You like to eat off a plate.  We will put you in our laps at the table while you eat and you do great at eating the food off the plate like a big boy. You think you're pretty neat stuff sitting at the table like us.

* Even though we don't have a dog, or any animals in fact, you seem to love dogs!  It surprises us you're not scared, no matter the size.  You get the biggest grin on your face when one comes by you to pet.

The post below has their 14 month pictures.  My friend, Rachel, took them and sent them to me via my Shutterfly account.  I can't figure out how to post them individually, so I posted the link to view them in a Shutterfly album.

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