Monday, February 20, 2012

Sneak Peek & Weekend Visitors

In one week from today, the twins turn ONE year old!!!  We are having their birthday party with both of our families' this coming Saturday, Feb. 25th.  I am so excited for their big bash and can't wait to celebrate their special day with our families.  Here's a little sneak peak of the decorations I've been busy making for their "special birthday theme."  Making decorations has given me a chance again to use my 'creativity skills' that have been in hibernation this past, crazy year while staying at home with my babies.

That's all I'm showing for now.

These past two weeks we have had Kevin's family members visit the four of us.  Two weekends ago, Grandma and Grandpa Willms came to stay with us and to also babysit the twins.  Friday, Feb. 10th, Kevin and I went to a MN Timberwolves game with our friends, Scott and Rachel.  This was a great date night (and our early Valentine's Day date) and a fun opportunity for Grandma and Grandpa to babysit.

Kevin, Scott, Rachel, and myself at the game....Go Ricky Rubio!

Saturday, Feb. 11th, was Grandpa Larry's birthday!  We all were extra nice to him on his special day.  In the morning, Joyce and I cooked his favorite breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast.  In the afternoon we did some shopping at one of Grandpa's favorite outdoor stores where he bought himself a new fishing pole.  (Perfect toy for Matt and Kate to get their paws on when fishing with Grandpa!) ;)  We treated Grandpa to lunch at Red Lobster, another one of his favorites, and the twins were great troopers for the lunch and shopping!  I also was able to go shopping for a double stroller which was my Christmas present from Kevin.  

My new double stroller.  The twins were trying it out for the first time in the house.  I'm in love with the new stroller and can't wait to use it more on walks in the spring.  This was a much needed purchase for a mommy of twins!  Thank you Kevin!

That night we orded pizza for supper and celebrated with an apple pie and a game night of Trivial Pursuit which Joyce and I ,okay we wish... Larry and Kevin won.  But we put up a GREAT fight!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Larry!  We love you and enjoyed being able to celebrate with you on your special day!

Matthew and Kate also got to open Valentine's Day gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.  They got two board puzzles and spring jackets.  They love this puzzle.  Both enjoy putting the pieces in their mouth and Matthew loves to carry a puzzle piece with him while he's crawling around the house.

Working on her puzzle with Grandma.

Mommy and Katers

Love this picture with Grandma and the twins!  They loved spending the weekend with their grandparents!

This past weekend, Kevin's grandma Ilene and his two aunts, Jan and Mary, came to visit.  It was great to have them up at our house to stay.  Both kids are a lot more active from the last time they saw them, so his family enjoyed seeing all of the kids' new tricks and how much more they interact with each other. 

Here's one of Matthew's new tricks he just learned this weekend...

Stinker!  We let him play in this drawer calling it 'their drawer' which has all of their sippy cups and bowls.  Matt can be entertained for a long period of time just taking things in and out of this drawer.  We were surprised this weekend when Aunt Jan came from the kitchen to tell us Matthew is in the drawer.  "Yup," I said.  "He can play in that drawer."  She replied, "No, he's IN the drawer!"  We all ran to check it out and of course I had to quick take a picture before getting him out.  This little man is going to keep us sooo busy!

Saturday us ladies went shopping.  We decided to take the twins so I could use my double stroller for the first time.  (Sorry to mention the stoller again, but it was wonderful to take shopping.)  Matthew and Katherine got an early birthday gift from Great Grandma and their Great Aunts while we were shopping.  A pair of new shoes perfect for beginner walkers.  They are adorable shoes and will work great for them as they are learning to walk.  The twins will sport their new kicks at their birthday party.

Grandma Ilene and her twin great-grandchildren

Great Grandma and Matty

The gang: Great Aunt Mary, Kate, Great Grandma Ilene, Matthew, and Great Aunt Jan

Thanks ladies for coming to visit us.  We had an awesome weekend with you and the twins enjoyed all of the extra attention and playing around. Come back again soon!

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