Thursday, February 2, 2012

11 Months!

WOW!  11 Months!  Did I really just type that?  I can't believe Kate and Matt are one month away from their first birthday.  Can't wait to start planning it!

This photo shoot was definitely the hardest one yet.  I knew this time was going to come.  Matthew, a.k.a "monkey boy", just didn't want to sit still for the pictures.  He was either wanting to climb up the chair or play with Kate's headband and month sticker.  Matthew's pictures this month are in spots where he stopped quick, is holding objects I used to bribe him with (ex: T.V. remote), or him on the go.  I guess the pictures show his true self at 11 months.  Kate on the other hand, will sit much better for me.  My little poser.  But the biggest props go to Daddy.  There would be no pictures of the kids even remotely both looking at the camera if it wasn't for his funny faces and sounds to distract or make them laugh.

This past month has been a big month for both kiddos.  Katers has finally figured how this crawling business works and has become mobile!  Matthew has learned how to walk behind his push cart and will occasionally stand by himself, without really realizing it though.  Now that they are both mobile it's the cutest to watch them play together.  Katherine will follow Matthew around the house seeing all of the cool things (decorations and cub boards) she can get into with help from her bro.  I will say it's nice for me to have her move around so she can now entertain herself and go from one toy to another.  But...she still would rather be held or sitting in your lap 90%  99% of the time.

Now onto the best part - pictures and stats!

Katherine Ilene:

Weight: 23 lbs 9 oz (just went to the doctor today for an appointment for her)
Length: don't know

Diaper Size: 4's during the day and 5's in the nighttime diapers
Clothing Size: 12 months and some 12-18 months

Sleeping: You still sleep 12-13 hours each night.  We put you to bed around 7:30-8:00 and you will get up at 8:00/8:30 the next morning.  You will wake up one time at night around 11 or midnight and cry out but will fall asleep fast once you put your paci back in your mouth.  You will randomly still cry out while your sleeping but you don't wake up.  Seems like you're having a bad dream.  Your nighttime routine is to eat a bottle between 7:00-7:30, get your diaper changed, pajamas on, and then put down in your crib.  You must have your pink monkey blanket when you sleep.  This month you learned how go from laying on your tummy to sitting up.  Now when we come and get your from your crib you're sitting up waiting patiently for some one to come and get you.  When you sleep you MUST have your monkey blanket.  You love to feel it with your hands while you start to fall asleep and you use it as your pillow (so cute).  You like to sleep on your tummy or your left side still.

During the day we still have you generally take your naps in the pack-n-play in our room.  You take 2 naps a day around 10:00/30ish and again around 2:30/3:00.  You will nap anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours.  You're afternoon nap is usually longer than the morning nap.  I can't tell you enough Kate at how well of a sleeper and napper you are.  I can put you down for your naps during the day awake and you will lay there quietly and put yourself to sleep.

Eating: You are still drinking 4 bottles a day ranging from 5 to 7 oz at a time.  You have your first bottle when you wake up around 8:00, noon, 4:00, and then before you go to bed around 7:00.  You eat food three times a day.  Now that you have been eating food 3 times a day you don't drink as much of your bottle.  I am thinking about starting to drop the 4:00 feeding and have you eat supper around 5 with water or juice.  You don't drink much of your bottle at that feeding right now.  You have tried so many foods now, too many to list, but your new couple of favorites are peanut butter toast, grilled cheese, and cereal bars.  You still love Cheerios, lil' crunchies, cheese, yogurt, and bread.  You still aren't wild about cut up green beans, peas, cooked carrots, and chunks of banana.  I think it might be a texture thing for you?  You are a great eater, but by the looks of it, I do think a lot of your food seems to land in your highchair and not in your mouth. :)

Dislikes: You really don't like it when people leave a room you are sitting in. You are constantly wanting to be held or sit in laps (but you're getting better know that you're mobile). You don't like it when we wipe off your face after you eat or wipe your nose! You still get very anxious when you see us making your bottle. You want to eat right now when you spot the bottle.

Favorite Activities: You love the car you got from Grandma and Grandpa Willms for Christmas.  You will sit for hours if you let you on it and have someone, or your brother, push you around.  You have the biggest smile on your face while you're going for "a ride".  You like to dance, play peek-a-boo, play at the activity table, bounce, and be held.  You like to look through books and turn the pages...and put them in your mouth.  The star stacker toy is still one of your favorites.

Nicknames: Kate, Katers, Tater, Katester, Hamball, Punkin' Head, Kater Tot

Talking: You are babbling non-stop making so many new sounds and putting sounds together to make a sentence. It sounds like you say da-da and now ma-ma a lot. Nothing official but it does seem like she says ma-ma and looks at me. ;) You still love to buzz your lips together - especially when you get upset. We love it when you get excited and you make a shout of for glee followed by a big, open-mouthed smile. You also like to try and copy sounds that we make or respond back to us like we're having a conversation.

New Adventures: You and Matthew stayed with mommy back in Iowa for two weeks, you had a sleep over a grandma and grandpa Willms' house all by yourself, you took a bath in the sink for the first time over at grandma and grandpa Dufel's house, and you went to Landry and Gracie's 2nd birthday party.

Teeth: Bottom right front tooth at 10 months.  It does look like the tooth next to it on the left bottom is going to come in any day now.  You have been drooling like crazy!

New Skills: CRAWLING!  You finally figured out how to crawl! Mom and Dad are so proud of you, and it's so much fun to see you move around now, too!  You can go from laying into the sitting position.  You can sit up on your knees but aren't able to pull yourself up to stand. It only took you two days and you had mastered how to crawl up the step out of the living room. 

Using the remote as his 'telephone' and having a conversation

Matthew Edward
Weight: don't know (he didn't get weighed at the doctor's appointment)
Height: don't know

Diaper Size: 3's but going to be in 4's when they are all used up
Clothing Size: some 6-9 still, 9 months, and some 12 months

Sleeping: You are still doing fantastic at being an independent sleeper.  You will usually sleep around 12 hours each night.  You will wake up once or twice at night but will go back to sleep quickly once we go into your room and reassure you you're okay and start your music back up.  You have been teething like crazy this month which has made you a little restless some nights.  When you get put down to sleep you love to have your instrumental rain forest CD playing and be wrapped in a soft, fluffy blanket. Your favorite position, and I think it's mainly your usual spot, is on your tummy. You are never in the same spot we lay you down in your crib. Your nighttime routine is to eat a bottle between 7:00-7:30, get your diaper changed, pajamas on, and then put down in your crib after snuggling with you for a few minutes. That's one of my favorite times in the day! You have no problems with putting yourself to sleep and occasionally have awoken from your nap and quietly put yourself back to sleep for a little longer.

You have been taking two naps a day at 10:00/30 in the morning and then again 2:30/3:00 in the afternoon.  You usually sleep for an hour to 1.5 hours. You take your naps in your crib and have no problems going down for a nap for me.

Eating: You are eating 4 times a day, but you haven't been drinking as much of your bottle as before.  You will take anywhere from 4 to 7 oz each bottle.  You end up finishing your bottle on the move while your playing around because you're too interested in what's happening around you then trying to eat.  You have a bottle when you wake up, noon, 4:00, and before you go to bed around 7:00.  You now eat meals three times a day.  I am thinking about starting to drop your 4:00 feeding and have you eat supper around 5:00 since you don't seem too interested in your bottle then.  You've tried so many new foods this month.  Some of your new favorites are peanut butter toast, cereal bars, cottage cheese, grilled cheese, chunks of vegetables, and sweets from both grandpa Larry's.  You also still like Cheerios, lil' crunchies, bread, cheese, yogurt, applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, and anything else you're able to pick up and feed yourself.  You're aren't liking the purees as much now that you can feed yourself.

Dislikes: Your #1 dislike getting dressed and getting your diaper changed as moved to the #2 spot.  You hate having to sit still to get clothes on or buttons snapped on your sleepers.  On occasion you can get a bit feisty if you can't do something on the first try.  You are still a happy kiddo who loves pretty much everything - especially if it involves people and playing/horsing around.

Favorite Activities: You love to walk behind your walking cart and around furniture.  You also love to push anything you can.  The chairs at the kitchen table are your favorite things to move around.  It can keep you busy for awhile.  You love music and you dance or bounce along to the beat.  You're favorite toys are books, you love turning the pages, and items that have compartments or doors you can open and close.  Your favorite book is the one about colors.  You love it when Mommy reads the colors to you.  You have become a monkey and try to climb up as much furniture as you can.  This past month you were able to climb up one of the tubs we have in the living room to block you from my bookshelf. 

Nicknames: Matt, Matty, Fatso-Mattso, Wiggles, Wiggs, Fast Eddie, Bro, Matt Man

Talking: You babble all of the time. You are put sounds together that sound like a sentence. You are making lots of new noises with your lips and tongue and you still make the face where you scrunch your nose up and grunt. You like to talk with us like we are having a conversation. We believe you enjoy music. While listening and singing along to music you would bounce (dance) and babble like you were singing along with us. You aren't saying any official words yet, but some of the sounds you say are close to words like da-da, ma-ma, hi, and bye.

Teeth: 9 months old- top, right front tooth. 10 months- left and right front tooth. Teeth to date: two front bottom teeth and two front top teeth.

New Adventures: You and Kate stayed with mommy back in Iowa for two weeks, you had a sleep over a grandma and grandpa Willms' house all by yourself, you took a bath in the sink for the first time over at grandma and grandpa Dufel's house, and you went to Landry and Gracie's 2nd birthday party.

New Skills: You learned how to walk behind the walking cart and can even push your sister around on her car.  You're a pro at bending down and picking up objects while standing.  Sometimes we catch you standing on your own for a quick 5-10 seconds, but you don't realize what you're doing.  You have started to put objects up to your ear like you're talking on the phone.  You can open lots of drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.  You have one drawer, the one with sippy cups and your bowls, you can get into.  You love to take out the items and play while I'm out in the kitchen with you.  You also started to wave and will jabber like you're saying bye-bye. 

Cruising around together!

Love how he's leaning in!

So smiley!

Love their smiles and how theirs are so different from another.

This is how the photo shoot started out.  Poor Katers.  If only Mommy wouldn't make her wear those this wouldn't happen. :)

Pushing around his sis.

Happy 11 Months on January 27th.  I can't wait to have your first birthday party this month!

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