Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday to the man in our family who holds many titles. They are:
* Son
* Husband
* Daddy
* Brother
* Grandson
* Uncle
* Bread Truck Driver - for those of you who don't know it, Kevin drives the expensive bread ("money") truck home everyday.  Expensive because, I guess, he tells me he has to support my shopping habits...what?! ;)
* Cool Accountant
* My best friend
* Jingle Writer - Kevin's quite the singer around the house.  The kids and I enjoy our life as a constant musical.  The kids are going to grow up thinking all familys make every situation or household item into a song or jingle.
* Tickle Monster - He can get the kiddos giggling soo loud!
* Professional XBox Player....just kidding. :)
* Diaper Changer and Bottle Maker
* Mr. Spunk - Kevin advises me everyday when he returns from work (around 7:00) that I still need to be bringing the spunk. Ummm...this momma might be a bit tired from bringing the spunk all day.
* Piggy Back Ride Giver - Kevin's known with our nephews for his awesome piggy back rides.  There isn't a function without them.  Now our kids enjoy it!  It's adorable when wiggles gets his piggy back ride because he hangs on by grabbing Kevin's hair.
Financial Advisor - He reminds me that just because something might be on sale, it doesn't mean it's always a good deal.  He especially keeps an eye on me with the items found in the dollar section and the register check-out area.

Thanks for all of the titles you manage for us, but most of all, we like 'Daddy' the best!  Kate, Matt and I wish you the best birthday, and we all look forward to the year ahead.  You're very special to us.  The kids and I agree, our favorite part of our day is when you come home from work and greet us at the door.  The big smiles found on Kate and Matt's faces are priceless.  You can tell they adore their daddy!

Happy Birthday from your three biggest fans!  We Love You!

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  1. Laura that's a great picture of all of you at the end!! I love your post about Kevin and all his titles at home!!