Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun in the Willms' house

Who wouldn't have fun at the Willms' house?  Especially if you don't mind listening to Kate jabbering at the top of her lungs repeatedly (along with some crying because she's hungry and I can't feed her fast enough), chasing Matthew around the house, trying to control the wild mover while changing his diaper (which usually ends up with him crawling away several times...poopy bottom and all), looking for T.V. remotes hidden by little ones, and enjoying a meal with someone trying to share it with you. ;) are some pictures of the twins.

Fun on the step!  The pictures don't really show how funny Matt looked just sitting chill on our living room step with one leg dangled over the edge playing with his toy.  The step is no longer a big deal to Mr. Crawler.

Loving life at my step.

Wanna chill with me, Mom?

Fun Computer time - the two are so attracted to the computer.  Well, they pretty much love anything with lights and electronics they shouldn't be playing with.

Listening to Mickey Mouse Christmas songs on the computer.  Thought the picture of them from behind was so cute.  Notice who has the T.V. remote in this picture....

and who now was quick to steal it away.!

Nice wide basketball stance in all pictures, Kate! :)

Fun in the bath!!!  We have officially retired the kids' whale bathtub.  The kids love to take a bath and play in the 'open water' now.  Kate loves to sit and splash/play with toys, but Matt prefers to swim around on his tummy trying to play with the drain plug (stinker).  Sorry I don't have any bath pictures of Matthew.

Splish, Splash..I'm excited to be in the tub!


We tried to make a Mohawk with her wet hair.  You need more hair, Katers!

Our little "bath princess"!

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