Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watermelon Days 5K and Grandma Carol's Bday

The first weekend of August the four of us went back to our hometown.  The weekend was our town's days, Watermelon Days, my 10 year class reunion, my dad's birthday, and my cousin's bridal shower.  Busy weekend! 

Saturday morning, August 6th,  the four of us participated in the Phil Kruger 5k race.  Kevin ran with his sister, Jenny while I walked the babies along with my friends Anjuli and her daughter Mackenna, and Casey. 

Anjuli and Mackenna.  They live right across the street from my parent's house so we picked them up along our way uptown to start the race.

Little Miss Mackenna.  She was only a month old.  Such a precious little girl.  Kate and Mackenna can be buddies when they get older.

Kate and Matt getting ready/stretching for the big race.

Casey and I and the babes before the race.  (Looking a little tired early in the morning.)

Kevin and I after the race.  You could say Kevin was a very tired guy after the race.  No training or running before hand.

My nephew, Andrew, ran the race with my sister along with my brother-in-law.  Way to go team Breuner!

Casey and I after the race. 

That afternoon, Kevin and I walked the babies in the Watermelon Day parade.  We walked to campaign for our friend Pat Grassley.  By this time in the day it was getting to be very hot.  The babies did great in the heat and were super troupers being walk around again.

Dad got to push Matt and Kate through the parade route. 

My dad and Andrew rode the gator in the parade for the Fire Department.  Happy Birthday Grandma Dufel, too!! 

Pat Grassley groupies?

A couple weeks later, my parents came up to help us get some jobs done around the house.  My dad used his handyman skills and helped us with our house to-do list and my mom was great help with the babies.  Kevin and I got one of our big projects done - painting the basement and starting to get it organized!  We want to get a playroom set up downstairs for Matt and Kate.  The basement needs a lot less baby proofing, and I won't have to worry about kids going down steps or getting into things they shouldn't. 

Thanks again to my parents for all of your hard work and helping us out!  We appreciate everything! I know dad, I owe you.  Just add it to my tab. :)

It was also my mom's birthday (Aug.19th) the weekend my parents where here helping us.  (yes, our families have a lot of August birthdays!)  We were happy to be able to celebrate with her.  My mom decided on Outback for supper that night.  The twins did great at the restaurant even though it was way past their bedtime. 
Grandpa Dufel and Kate. My dad is teaching Kate all about the different cars that were passing by our house outside.
Those are really cool cars Grandpa!

Grandma Carol opening her birthday gifts.

Picture time after we got back from Outback.  Grandma and Mr. Matt who's all smiles.

Trying to get a shoot with both babies, but it's hard to get them to both look at the camera.

Grandpa and Kate.  She wasn't wanting pictures taken then.


Daddy and Matthew - such a big smile and laugh!

Airplane time.  This kid loves flying around.

Grandpa and Matty.  Looks like Matt's posing.

Happy Birthday, Grandma/Mom.  We love you very much and loved that we got to spend your special day with you.  You're an amazing mom and grandma!!! xoxo

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