Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Kid Eaters

Such a big girl now that I can sit and eat my baby food in my highchair!

But Beware!  Here's the Kater Gator in action.  I was feeding her breakfast, apple-yogurt-oatmeal, and apparently she was really liking it.  You can see how this little gator chomper got her nickname.
Before I could even get the spoon to her she was ready with her mouth open diving to find the spoon. I guess mommy wasn't going fast enough for this gator!

I love how cute Matthew looks sitting in his highchair.  He looks like a grown boy sitting there, yet still so small in the chair. (If that makes sense)  This guy will get impatient if you don't feed him spoon fulls fast enough.  Makes it hard to feed him and Kate at the same time.


Matt has been putting his hands on his bottle for awhile now.  Like he's trying to help you hold it.  Well today, this little man was able to hold it and feed himself part of his bottle.  I think it was just a fluke, but the proud look on his face was priceless!

It's so much fun to see the two of them learning new things everyday!


  1. SO adorable! I think Matt is looking more and more like Kev. Can't wait to meet them...please let me know the next time you'll be in Dike and might have some free time...

  2. I can't believe how big they are! :) I love the picture of them in their matching outfits!