Monday, July 11, 2011

Clamshell Vacay 2011

The twins have survived their first family vacation! The last week of June, my family (the Dufel's) and Kevin's family headed up north to Pequot Lakes. Together we stayed at Clamshell Beach Resort. We have been taking this family vacation all together every other year since 2005. This year the Dufel's stayed in one cabin, Lakeside, and the Willms stayed in another, #7. Both cabins we right by each other which was nice. Unfortunately, we did not have air conditioning and by the end of the week it was HOT in our cabins!!

Our vacation adventure started out on Saturday, June 25th. Kevin's parents came up on Friday and stayed the night so they could help put some of our many baby items in their vehicle.

We had a great time enjoying a summer break all together with our families. It was fun to relax, but we kept ourselves busy fishing, swimming at the beach and pool, laying out, tubing, tennis, games, and kayaking. In the middle of the week, we all drove to Brainerd, MN. There we did went out to eat and our traditional mini-golfing at Pirate's Cove. This is an awesome mini-golf course! The twins did great at the restaurant and when we were golfing. The grandmas and grandpas golfed with Kevin and I with Katherine while Matthew went along with his aunts, uncles, and cousins group. FYI - I did score a hole in one! ;)

Thursday was a very, very hot day! We decided that would be a great day to take the twins on their first swimming experience. The baby pool was nice and warm from the sun heating it up every day. Kate and Matt enjoyed the water for awhile. It had to feel good and help to cool them down. Once they had enough in the water the grandmas took them poolside in the shade. It was just as warm in the shade as it was in our cabin. Kevin and I were able to do some swimming thanks to all of the help from our family watching the babies for us. Taking a summer lake trip is hard with 4 month babies. We were just so worried to have them out in the sun too much. Next summer will be much easier!

Thanks to both of our families for all of your help with Katherine and Matthew on vacation. Kevin and I appreciated the help so we were able to enjoy some outdoor activities. We couldn't have asked for better babies on vacation. They were great travelers and troupers for being out of their normal environment and routine. We are looking forward to more family vacation memories with Kate and Matt in the future!

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