Sunday, December 19, 2010

Still stable, enjoying company

Not much has changed over the past few days.  Laura continues to be stable.  She is continuing her daily routine of spending most of the day rotating back and forth from laying on one side or the other, only getting up to go to the bathroom, shower or eat.  On it's own it's about as much fun as it sounds.  The constant laying down is starting to make her hips sore, but she's starting some massages and treatments to help her with that.  On the bright side we've had a number of visitors over the past few days.  Some have brought flowers, movies, and food which has been a nice change up from the hospital food (although it's really not too bad).  Laura's friend Lindsay also made Laura a few calendars so she can cross of the days and track her progress in making it to each new week.  Laura's dad left today to go back to Iowa, but my sister, Jenny, is up to stay for the week.  So far Jenny has been a great go-fer and even takes orders from me. 

So really, there isn't much news medically speaking, which is just the way we want to keep it for awhile.


  1. I am thinking of her and your family! It is a great thing that things are going better! It will all be worth it when the babies are born healthy and you can hold them in your arms! :)
    Alison Hegland

  2. Praying for you friend! I just saw that you were in the hospital. God has you all in his hands :)

  3. Thanks for your prayers....just trying to stay positive!