Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Happenings

Well, since September and October flew by without me posting along the way, I'll just post pictures of what we were up to so far this fall.

Grandpa took Matthew on his first ever gator ride at my uncle's farm.  

Pushing the button to dump Grandpa from the Gator. ;)  Matty thought it was pretty awesome!

Went to Des Moines to celebrate Allie's 6th Birthday.  Miss Allie wanted a Frozen party.

And while we were in the DSM area we stopped and saw my our friend Casey who just had her second daughter, Savannah, 8 days after Caroline was born.  These two cuties are going to be great friends!

Yay for babies!

This picture makes me laugh.  Looks like these two bff's must have had their first fight and Savannah's giving C a little punch!  Lol!

Caroline was super smiley during the baby photo shoot.

We tried to get a picture of all of the kids, but the twins were not wanting any part of it.  So Casey's two daughters, Elaina and Savannah, posed with Caroline.

My dad and I took the twins to the Arboretum in Waterloo to their Fall Festival.  Grandma was helping as a volunteer.  The festival had fun crafts for kids, a toy train to watch, real owls found in Iowa to see up close, fire trucks to sit in, a car show (my uncle Garry showed his old car), sandbox, and fun scarecrows made by all ages that they auctioned off.

Making their owl craft

Watching the train go around the tracks.

Sitting in the big firetruck and meeting the firemen.

Grandma made a scarecrow named Charlene.  We saw lots of cool scarecrows of all different themes.

The twins liked the Minon (from the Despicable Me movie) scarecrow made by a kid.

Goofballs - they wanted to sleep out in the livingroom together.

Baby Caroline looks very cute!

Kevin and I took Caroline and made a trip back up to the Twin Cities for a coworker of Kevin's who got married.  We stayed at our friends, the Kopps, and were able to get together with some friends while we were there.  Really enjoyed our time back in Minnesota.  Felt just like home again.  Made me miss the city and our friends.

Kelly, our gracious hostess, got to meet baby C for the first time!

The old PwC wife gang.  Kelly's still hanging on. 

All dressed up for the wedding.  We can clean up (and get out of yoga pants) pretty good once in awhile. 

We took a trip to Heartland Farms with Grandma and Grandpa Willms.  It was a very warm fall day.  Great weather, but those pesky, little black bugs were out and loving us!

We got to see animals and watch them set off watermelons and a pumpkin from the pumpkin gun.

and even got a taste of the fresh watermelon

2 bouncy houses...huge hit!

How Tall This Fall at Heartland Pumpkin Farms 2014

Hay bales and slides ='s the best fun for two 3 year olds!

king of the hill

Count Grandpa Willms

Lil' Ghost Matty


Love so many things about this picture.  Reading a pumpkin book from Grandma and Grandpa.  Legs crossed.  Can still hear his little voice pretending to read the book.

Caroline's been grabbing for toys and enjoying playtime on the floor.

Taking a picture with little sister.  Or looks like she's smothering her face.  But I think she's helping Caroline by giving her her pacifier. 

super smiley little baby girl!

Big brother helping lil' sister by holding up her play gym while playing his Nabi.  3-year old multi-tasking at its finest! 

A lot of train tracks have been built in my kitchen.  The whole kitchen!  Under the table even!  We frequently hear Matthew's request to daddy, "Daddy, can you help me build an awesome train track?"  (Love that he asks for an 'awesome' train track)  Matthew also has built some pretty impressive tracks himself.  Big ones.  With lots of bridges!  Little engineer in him!

Tummy time!  Caroline has been getting so strong working on holder up her head.

Big brother taking a picture of Caroline...."Say cheese, baby Caroline!"  (Wonder who he gets that from?!)

Great-Grandma came to visit!

Kate and Matthew's first school pictures. 
St. John's Preschool 

Playing with toys

had to post the ruffle bottom.  adorable!


This is how Daddy and his mini feel asleep.  Just like each other.

Grandpa Dufel took Kate on a gator ride on my uncle Garry's farm.

Katers LOVED the gator.  She repeatedly asked to Go Fast and loved helping grandpa drive.  

"Me not tired" said the little boy who crashed 5 minutes after saying that!

Got out for a walk with the warm October days we had.  Caroline loves the stroller.  The stroller and the cool breeze usually puts her to sleep.  The twins rode their trikes on the walk.

The twins got to visit the fire department on a field trip for Preschool.

Cousin Allie loves to hold Caroline.

Working hard on learning their baseball and softball skills.

Kate seems to be our little lefty hitter.  She can really crush it!

Mommy and Liner

Enjoying sometime outside riding trikes and doing sidewalk chalk.

This fall back in Iowa has been a fun one.  Super busy.  But fun to have family around to enjoy our time with.

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