Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween 2014

A Dinosaur, a lion, and little black cat.  My three adorable little animal trick-or-treaters this Halloween.  In fact, we heard the roars of a dinosaur and lion many times the week leading up to Halloween.

First, this Halloween was Miss Caroline's first!

Little witch - "Daddy's under my spell" :)

We started celebrating Halloween with a pumpkin carving party at our house.  We had both sets of parents and my siblings and their kiddos.  The kids had fun deciding on their pumpkin decoration.  My sister even got her 'Pintrest on' and used a power tool to carve flowers into my niece's pumpkin.  The night ended with a mini softball game in the yard and pizza.

Our three pumpkins.  Even carved one for Baby C.

This picture cracks me up.  Kate's being a boss to Matthew and telling him to smile for the camera because he wasn't being too cooperative at first.  The soon to be story of my son's life living with two sisters. Lol!

The week of Halloween the kids had several fun celebrations.  At preschool they had a Pumpkin Party.  Their teacher had so many fun pumpkin themed centers/activities for the kiddos.  Caroline and I went and helped volunteer.  Loved being a parent in their classroom.  I enjoyed seeing the twins in their school environment.

Liner helping out at the party. 

Outside of preschool posing with the pumpkins they decorated :)

That night, Kevin's work had trick-or-treating for the kids at his office.  Caroline's first time trick-or-treating...kind of. :)  This was the first time the kids and I were at Kevin's office.  It was nice to see where he works and meet some of his co-workers.  After we were done trick-or-treating at Kevin's work, the 5 of us headed to our town's downtown for a night of trick-or-treating at the businesses.  The weather that night actually wasn't too bad.  Not much of a breeze which helped a lot!  The twins had fun but were worn out by the end of the night with their busy day!

Halloween afternoon we took the twins to Grandma Willms' office at UNI for trick-or-treating.  The different areas at her work dressed up as different themes.  Grandma's office was The Wizzard of Oz and she was one of the lolipop kids.  All of them had great costumes and they put in a lot of time making the awesome decorations!

Grandma Willms (Right) and her co-worker buddy, Penny

Finally, Halloween night!  Great-Aunt B came to our neighborhood and helped me take the twins around trick-or-treating.  Kevin and Caroline stayed at the house to pass out candy.  Halloween night was a lot colder.  The twins loved pushing everyone's doorbells.  It was a big thing to them both so we had to make sure to take turns at each house.  Kate and Matthew LOVE trick-or-treating!  They had a busy Halloween of it - going 4 times total!

love our little dinosaur.  
She was so proud of her costume and dinosaur head.

lion and aunt b :)

I would say we successfully celebrated Halloween this year!  Already can't wait until next year!  The thought of little Caroline tagging behind, trick-or-treating for the first time as a newly one-year old, sounds like so much fun!

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