Friday, June 6, 2014

Baby Willms #3 - 34 Weeks

34 weeks.  Wow!  I officially made it further this pregnancy than I did with the twins.  I delivered the twins just one day shy of 34 at 33 weeks 6 days.  It felt pretty darn good to hit this milestone still pregnant!!

May  31, 2014 - 34 Weeks

A baby at 34 weeks now weighs about 5 pounds - about the size of a cantaloupe - and is almost 18ish inches long. 

At my 34 week doctor's appointment baby's heartbeat was in the 150's.  The doctor felt the head is down at this point with baby's butt on my left and feet on my right.  Definitely made sense when she told me baby's position because I have been experiencing a lot of kicking and body parts pushing out on my right side.

We are still trying to figure out a name for this little baby #3. We do have a few that we've narrowed it down to for our boy and girl list. We ask the twins a lot what they think we should name him/her.  Kate says Baby Sofia like her baby doll and from her favorite TV show, Sofia the First.  After Kate's response we asked Matthew.  He said it should be Baby Bubble Guppies - from his favorite TV show, too!  So looks like our girl and boy name is picked out - Baby Sofia and Baby Bubble Guppies! 

Kate and Matthew have been able to feel the baby move around in my tummy.  Matthew was all concerned because baby was kicking me. 
Matthew told me he wants to have a baby sister.  We will see if he wishes he would have picked differently down the road if this little one is a girl. :)

I haven't really enjoyed these hot, humid days we have had.  Pregnancy and heat isn't my favorite....especially while trying to sleep at night.  

As many of you know, we are preparing to move to Iowa next week.  (I'll post a seperate post about that later.)  I already have my first appointment set up for 37 weeks with my new group of doctors for after we make the move.  Feels really crazy to be switching doctors right at the end of my pregnancy, but I feel very comfortable with the group of Obgyn's that I've picked.  Kevin and I just hope baby W. decides to stay put until we get to Iowa - much easier to move him/her still being pregnant that's for sure! 

Guess I should think about actually packing a 'hospital bag' to be prepared for this little one's arrival any day.  I have started to get stuff washed and a few necessity baby items ready.  Starting to feel pretty real!
Tomorrow, June 7th, marks another weekly change over date and baby Willms will be 35 weeks!

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