Monday, June 30, 2014

36 and 38 Weeks Baby Willms #3

Life has been crazy.  C-R-A-Z-Y!  We moved back to Iowa just two weeks ago.  I was 36 weeks pregnant during the move.  Kevin and I prayed the baby would stay put and I wouldn't start labor during our drive from Minnesota to Iowa.  Baby Willms stayed put, Phew!.  We prayed that labor would hold off during the first couple days of the move so we could get a bit settled first.  Baby Willms cooperated again and didn't arrive, Yay!.  Our last milestone was waiting until I had my first appointment with my new doctor group here in Iowa.  I had no idea where to go or who even to call if I had started labor so having that information beforehand would be nice to know.  And here we are, 2 weeks in our new house and 38 weeks pregnant!  Baby Willms is one awesome baby for listening to us already.  And we are thankful God has helped make things go smoothly (and answered lots of prayers) for us during this crazy, hectic time!

36 weeks - June 12, 2014

Before I left the Twin Cities, I had my 36 week appointment with my doctor.  It was an exciting appointment - marking a big milestone point for baby - but also sad to be my last appointment with Dr. Callanan whom has helped me throughout this pregnancy.  I felt comfortable with her, her advice, and liked the nurses.  Thinking about starting over with a new group of doctor's this late in the pregnancy was a bit scary.  I felt reassured that I was switching at 36 weeks and if I did go into labor the baby would be fine at this point.  

At this appointment she checked my cervix and I had just started to dilate to 1 cm.  She felt confident that I wouldn't go into labor and could make it a bit longer.  I just needed to take it easy unpacking during the move.

At 36 weeks I was measuring right on track at 35/36 weeks and the baby was in the head down position.

That weekend we moved on Friday and I went to my new doctor, Dr. Girardi, in Iowa right away on Monday.  I was just a few days over 36 weeks.  I was a little bit nervous at this appointment.  A lot had been going on with just moving and thinking about labor was a lot on my mind.  Would I make it to the hospital in time with our 35 minute drive?  When will I know when I need to head into the hospital?  What do the really strong contractions feel like?  Will my water break first like it did with the twins?  So many new and different emotions than what I experienced with the twins' labor.  I didn't have to worry about when to go to the hospital since I was already there.  My water broke on it's own and I didn't have strong contractions before receiving my epidural.  Thinking about labor still makes me nervous!  
*say some prayers all goes well*

Dr. Girardi was great at making me feel at ease.  She had looked at my chart (a lengthy one) from this pregnancy and the twins' and knew my history well when talking with her.  I had great recommendations from friends on this Ob Group, so I knew I was in great hands.  She checked my cervix and at 36 weeks 2 days I was dilated to 3 cm.  I was dilated a bit more from right before we moved, but I wasn't surprised since I had been busy all weekend moving/unpacking.

The next week I went back to Dr. Girardi for my 37 week appointment.  I was checked again and hadn't made much of a change - dilated between 3 and 4 cm.  The head had really dropped lower from the previous week.

38 weeks - June 28, 2014

Only two weeks left until baby's due date!  I can't believe I'm still 'waddling' around pregnant entering the month of July tomorrow!  My prediction all along was I wouldn't make it into July.  Definitely surprising me!

I started an online pool for people to guess baby's gender, due date, and stats.  If you'd like to make your prediction here's the website:
The winner gets a really awesome prize!! ;)

Baby Willms is still in the head down position and moves a lot.  Some nights it feels like he/she is doing somersaults and kickboxing in my uterus!  I can feel and see his/her foot poking out during some of the kicks.

I've had a hard time getting a full night's sleep.  I toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position.  Poor Kevin having to put up with me and my big body pillow taking up most of the space!  I have been waking up a lot around 4/5ish and can't seem to really fall back asleep.

I've had some contractions off and on and now with some pretty strong ones that creep in there.  But nothing in a pattern enough to think about going into the hospital.  I go tomorrow for my 38 week check-up and am curious to see if I've had any cervical change.

I asked the twins what their prediction was for baby Willms - a boy or girl.  I made them each a sign, which they decorated, to hold for a picture.

Matthew says boy and either tells us we should name him baby Matthew or baby Bubble Guppies.

Princess Katers said girl and thinks we should name her Baby Sofia or Baby Kate.

Kate and Matthew are going to be great a Big Sister and Big Brother.  It will be fun to see them in the new role when the baby arrives.  Hopefully it will be a smooth transition for them.

And now we play the waiting game....

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