Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Part 1

We celebrated Easter back in Iowa at our hometown.  It was great to see our families and spend the holiday with them.  I took a lot of pictures, so I'm blogging Easter in two parts.

To start off our Easter celebration,  Saturday Kevin, myself, and both our parents took the twins to the city egg hunt at the park.  This was Matthew and Kate's first time hunting for eggs, so Daddy made sure to give them a pep talk before hand.  Um....maybe a bit competitive?! ;)  My brother and his two kids, Kaleb and Evan, and our friends Angie, John, and daughter Mackenna also went with us.

Kate and Matt weren't too interested in finding eggs.  They were easily distracted and wanted to watch all of the kids and people around them.  Matthew had more fun walking around just holding his Easter bucket, and Kate enjoyed crawling around in the grass.    

Excited to find some eggs!

Such a big boy now that he can walk

Matthew and his bucket

Kate's ready to crawl to her eggs

And they're off!

See the boy in the left of this picture?  Well, he is making his way to come and steal Matthew's first (and only) egg away from him.  It was pretty funny to watch, but don't worry, the little boy's mom had him give it back to Matt so he could have an egg.

Grandpa Willms and Katers hunting for eggs.

Getting some help from Daddy

Matty and his new girlfriend ;)

Good job finding eggs, Matthew!

Angie and her 9 month daughter, Mackenna

Mackeena got an egg, too!

Our nephew, Evan

and other nephew, Kaleb

After the egg hunt, all of us played with the kids at the park.  I think this was the twins' favorite part.  Matthew went down the slide all by himself for the first time.  Cousin Evan also took Matthew down the slide with him.  Katers love to swing on the swings.  She has the biggest smile while you're pushing her. 

Grandma Joyce and Kate enjoying the swings

Kate enjoying the slide, too!

Grandpa Dufel and Miss Katers

Mommy and Taters

This guy LOVES piggy back rides with Daddy!

Our family

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  1. Love all the pics...especially the family one at the end! :)