Monday, March 26, 2012

Matthew's WALKING!

Just last week, Matthew started to explore walking on his own.  And now...he has it!  It only took him a few days to learn.  He went from standing up on his own in the middle of a room to taking a few steps all within a short period of time.  Then before I knew it, he was walking all around the house.  It's so fun and exciting watching him learn this new skill.  He looks so proud of himself and he amazes us with how he already can hold onto objects as he walks.  We are so proud of our little boy! 

A longer video. Matthew's having fun walking up and down the hallway. I'm holding onto Kate for the first part of the video so you can hear her start to giggle in the background.

Matthew walking with his calculator. Daddy worked from home today so he gave Matty his calculator to play with. I don't think he's going to give it back. He didn't want to part with it for most of the day or let Kate play with it. Our soon to be lil' accountant! :)

A fun video trying to capture Kate's fun belly laugh.  Daddy can get her to laugh so hard by tossing her around in the air.  You've got to love this girls' big smile!

It it still a bit weird to us to see this little person walking around the house.  Kate isn't walking yet, but she is doing great at starting to cruise around furniture.  It's cool to see their different personalities emerge.  Matt is a busy, go-getter while Kate is more chill and laid back.  Matthew is always looking around and observing his environment and Miss Katers is our little, social chatter box who still loves to snuggle and be held.  I love how they're their own individual yet bonded together as twins and have so many similarities as well.

Kate and Matt play together with the Elefun toy in this video.

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