Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A-Maz-Ing! Describes this awesome, unusual March weather we've been blessed with.

Kevin's sister, Jenny or Aunt Jenny, came up to visit us since she was on spring break.  The 5 of us took advantage of this nice weather and spent some time outside on walks and playing in the yard.  It felt so refreshing to get back outside and start walking again.  Yay for exercise!

Matthew and Aunt Jenny

So cute, Taters!

Mommy and Miss Katers

Lets get this walk started already!

Aunt Jen and Kate

The fam

Wiggs and Daddy

Checking out the backyard...guy things. :)

Piggy back rides are the best!

And time spent with Aunt Jenny isn't complete until you have Dairy Queen ice cream!  Matt is Aunt Jen's ice cream buddy.

Thanks for sharing!  Aunts are the best!

We had a great time hanging with our Auntie.  Come back and visit us again very, very soon!

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