Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We're growing up....

 and becoming little independent kiddos!  Look at all we can do now.

Leave this eating stuff to me, mom!

eating my Cheerios all by myself! 

Yeah, Cheerios!


picking up bananas (his favorite), cheese, and lunch meat.

happy because I was clapping for her

     Yummy in my Tummy

Matt's great at playing independently going from one toy to the other for a long period of time. 

Something must be funny, Matthew? :)

He loves their new camera they got from Christmas from Great Aunt Mary.

He can walk along furniture and does it all day long.  Walking around and playing under the kitchen table is one of his favorite spots.

Peek-a-boo Mom!

I see you!

Trying to beg for food while I eat my lunch.  Anytime we are eating food Kate and Matt expect some too.

So proud of himself!

Can sit and feed himself.

Chug it down.

Playing together at their new activity table.

Great job standing up, Kate!

Turning the pages on the book...their favorite part of the table.

Bouncing up and down to the music. 

Way to go kiddos!

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