Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Babysitters and Back Home Fun

Back in October, Kevin and I went to a wedding for our friends here in the cities.  Great Aunt Mary and (Great Aunt) Heimy were kind enough to volunteer to come and watch the twins for us.  They might have been a little nervous taking care of the twins by themselves, but knew all they really had to do was keep them feed, diapers clean, naps, and bedtime.  According to them, they had quite the adventure figuring out the kids' stroller when taking Matthew and Kate for a walk.  We enjoyed listening to their stories when we got home from the wedding.  We're not sure who had more fun....the twins or the aunts. :)  We think you did great, Mar and Heim, and we very much appreciated having a night out on the town.

Here are some pictures Mary and Heimy took during their day/night of babysitting. 

Heimy and the twins

Kate is sporting Matthew's new UNI hat from Great Aunt Mary.

....Don't you love the pink pants Great Aunt Mary and Heimy dressed me in? :)

Great Aunt B and Matty

The twins with their UNI hat from Great Aunt Mary and NDSU hat from Heimy.

Matthew loves his Awesome Aunt B

Okay, we aren't bad parents but we thought it would be fun to put the girly hat on Matt to see if he looked like Kate.  He knows he's manly!

Great Aunt B and Kate (Punkin' Head)

Thanks for Babysitting us - we had so much fun!  Come back please and do it again soon!

Halloween weekend Kevin and I decided to surprise our family and show up back at home.  His grandma Ilene ended up being in the hospital and we wanted to visit her hoping the twins would bring a smile to her face.  And you could say seeing the twins definitely helped brighten Grandma's spirits!  Seeing her smiles made our day, too!

While we were back, our hometown was having their trick-or-treating Saturday night.  My brother's kids, Kaleb, and Evan, came out and went trick-or-treating.  We took the kids to a couple of houses around town but decided it was a bit too cold to have them out long.  Next year we look forward to doing even more with the twins. 

Hanging with my older cousins

Cousin Kaleb as Benjamin Franklin and Black Cat Kate

Cousin Ev as a Transformer and Pumpkin Matty

Out trick-or-treating with the kids.

Daddy and Kate

Mommy and Matty

Grandma and Matthew

Daddy's buddy!

We left during trick-or-treating to head to Kevin's great uncle Jim Willms' 80th birthday party.  We were happy that we were home to make it back to the party.  We had a great time seeing all of Kevin's relatives we don't get to see very often.  We always have such a great time and we get the biggest kick out of Kevin's great uncles (especially during the competitive board and card games)!  The day was pretty hectic, but the twins did great through it all.  Their eating and napping schedule was messed up, but they adjusted well.  By the time we got to Jim's birthday party it was getting to be past their bedtime.  Tired and all...Matthew could not be stopped.  He just loved crawling all around the house from person to person.  Unfortunetly, I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures to post from the bday party. 

On Sunday, you could dress up at my parent's church.  My mom went as a mouse so the kiddos got their picture taken with "Grandma Carol Mouse". 

Aunt Jenny got back from a weekend away for vball and came out to see the twins.

Hanging with our auntie!

Aunt Jenny and Grandma Joyce

Another great weekend back at home!

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