Sunday, August 14, 2011

Playin' Outside

This last week we have had awesome summer weather!  In fact, perfect summer weather!  The kids and I were able to take lots of stroller walks and play outside.  It was so nice to not have the humidity...finally! 

So happy to be outside.  Matt loves to watch the tree leaves above him move in the wind.

Such a happy little Mister.

Doing some outdoor tummy time

Kate's actually grabbing for a toy!  She usually isn't too interested in holding toys.

Matt loves playing with his apple and elephant rattle.

Good work, buddy!



Must be something pretty cool you're seeing, Katers!

So drooly

Can't stop putting my fingers and fist into my mouth.

How much of my fist can I get in there?

So much fun playing with my twin!

1 comment:

  1. Such little CUTIES! We MUST plan a get NOW. Let me know when you'll be back in Dike sometime. I gotta see these little Willms' in person!!! :)