Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday and ExerSaucer Fun

Yesterday, I turned 28 years old!  I enjoyed my first birthday as a new mommy.  I spent the day hanging out with the twins and my friend Lindsay.  That evening, Kevin was able to leave work earlier than normal so we could go out to eat to celebrate.  I picked Red Lobster - a.) I was craving sea food & b.) it was a nicer restaurant that would be good to take kids.  Kate and Matt were great kiddos and sleep while we ate. 

Birthday Picture with Mommy

Taking a picture in the traditional spot where I showed my pregnant belly.

A lot has changed since my last birthday!  I feel very blessed.  Many big prayer requests were answered and some amazing people were brought into my life.  I look forward to the many new adventures in my 28th year.

Today Katherine and Matthew played in their ExerSaucers for the first time.  I think they really enjoyed it...especially Kate.  At one point she was just cooing away at the toys.  She wasn't too interested in trying to play with the toys though.  Her hands stayed at her side - goof ball. :)  Matthew on the other hand was trying to spin around and look at everything and put as much as he could in his hand and mouth.  A lot of the items are still a little hard for them to reach to their mouth yet.  They need to get a little bit bigger still to fit better in the ExerSaucer. 

So cool!  I'm such a big girl sitting up in my ExerSaucer all by myself!

Talking to mommy while playing.

Kate's feet can just barely touch.

Matthew's turn!

Look at all of these cool things I can play with!  He's such a curious kid - loves to just look and observe things around him.


  1. Love the pics and this post! Glad you had a good birthday! :)

  2. Happy belated Birthday! Jacen just loved the excersaucer, he had the exact same one! We ended up getting a jumperoo also, that way we had one on each floor of the house :) Really helped when he started to crawl all over! What fun memories!