Sunday, October 6, 2013

Family Cheer

We might be a bit weird at the Willms' household.  Besides turning our every day tasks or conversations into a random musical or jingle, we like to shout out cheers with the twins. 
Remember the old cheer from school..."Stand up, Be proud, Shout your name, Out loud.  We are the____!"  We'll we've added a spin and it has become our family chant as we say our name's out loud.  Like a family role call.  Kevin and I just love when we hear Kate and Matthew say their first and last name and now will call us Mama Willms and Daddy Willms.
Unfortunately, we didn't get Matthew saying his name on this video.  But, I wish we would have.  He says it so cute and very drawn out...."Maaa-tt (long pause) W-i-ll-mms. (hard to describe it in typing it)
Katherine might be the next little cheerleader.  She definitely has the excitement and moves!  Cracks us up!
Happy Monday!

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