Monday, July 29, 2013

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Kate and Matt had the honor of being the little ring bearer and flower girl in Ryan and Liz's wedding on Friday, July 12th.  Liz is Kevin's cousin on the Willms' side of the family.  Liz and Ryan are such an awesome couple and we are excited to now have Ryan officially in the family!  The wedding was beautiful filled with so much love!

I didn't take a lot of pictures the day of the wedding.  Life was busy running around with 2 two year olds and having them partake in the wedding party festivities.  So, here a a few snapshots that I got of the cuties dancing after the wedding at the reception.  Once I get pictures from the bride I'll also share them, too!  Hopefully the photographer was able to get a few goods ones with the twins with the bride and groom.  Picture time was a biiiiiit of a struggle. Ha! :)

Oh yeah, how did the twins do walking do the isle you ask?  It was so cute!  Matthew ran down the isle once he spotted Grandpa Willms waiting for him at the end.  Katers, though, did end up getting shy once she saw all of the people in the congregation.  Kevin, the awesome dad that he is, quickly picked up Katers and walked her down the isle.  {Definitely one of the sweetest things!}  The twins even sat so nicely and didn't make a peep during the whole ceremony.  They're amazing lil' kiddos! ;)

First, a few pictures from the photographer's 'sneak peek'.

The whole Willms' side of the family

A few family shots of the four of us

Grandma Joyce and Matthew


She was Princess Kate and she will sometimes call her brother 'Princess Matthew'

Mr. Matthew looking very handsome!

Holding hands

Aunt Mary and Matthew

It was such a fun time!  Great memories!  
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Hansen!

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